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What is the Best Protein Drink for Seniors?

It can be difficult for seniors to receive a proper amount of nutrition in their diets for many reasons. Illnesses can make them lose their appetite, and taking certain medications may only make it worse. Seniors might also suffer from a compromised ability to chew, swallow, or prepare food for themselves. A lack of nutrition can make a senior prone to injuries and illnesses; eating a diet that is balanced and full of nutrients is one of the most important things seniors can do to improve or maintain their health. Luckily, meal replacement shakes from ENU make it easy for seniors to get everything they need in their diets in a convenient and affordable way. Keep reading to learn more about why seniors lose their appetites, what they need to be healthy, and how ENU nutrition shakes can help them get the medical nutrition support they need.

Why Eating Can Be Difficult for Seniors

A loss of appetite is common for seniors. Reasons for a loss of appetite include:

  • Medical conditions – Certain medical conditions can negatively impact a senior’s appetite. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, thyroid conditions, and other ailments can make seniors lose their appetites. Seniors also often suffer from disfunction of the mouth, teeth, throat, and digestive tract, which can make chewing, swallowing, and digesting food painful.
  • Medications – Some medications that seniors have to take to deal with medical conditions may make their loss of appetite worse.
  • Compromised senses – Since many seniors lose their ability to taste and smell, food can often lose its appeal. Certain tastes and smells may even induce nausea and other unpleasant reactions. Also, many seniors lose their fine motor skills as they age, which can make it difficult for them to use utensils and other tools needed to prepare and eat food.
  • Inability to cook – Since seniors may lose their ability to drive and get around, it can be hard for them to access a grocery store. And since they often lack physical energy, cooking can often be difficult.
  • Social isolation – Many seniors live alone or in isolation. The lack of meals spent with other people can reduce their motivation to eat. The lack of social contact experienced by seniors can exacerbate feelings of depression, which can negatively impact overall health. Making it a priority to build relationships with people and eating in social settings can help seniors boost their appetites.
  • Lack of exercise – It’s common for seniors to cease much of the physical activity they engaged in when they were younger. Being sedentary for most of the day can lead to a lack of appetite for seniors. Seniors can improve their appetites by finding simple ways to add more physical activity to their daily lives.
  • Dehydration – Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is frequently a challenge for seniors. Dehydration can make some seniors lose their appetites.

The Importance of Proper Nutrition for Seniors

Appetite loss is to be expected in seniors, and a certain amount is normal. Too little appetite, however, can lead seniors to lose large amounts of weight, which can have severe consequences for their long-term health. One consequence of being underweight is the increased risk of bone fractures, since bones become more brittle when the body is not getting the nutrition that it needs. Another effect of losing large amounts of weight is a decreased ability to fight off infections and illnesses, since the immune system often fails to function when someone is underweight. Because they have a high calorie-to-nutrient ratio, ENU nutrition shakes are ideal for weight management.

How ENU Meal Replacement Shakes Are Ideal for Seniors

ENU meal replacement shakes are an excellent choice for seniors because they require no preparation, they are not likely to irritate people that are sensitive to specific flavors and smells, and they provide a full array of nutrients in the proper amounts.

Easy to Prepare and Eat

Since they don’t require any preparation to be consumed, meal replacement shakes from ENU are ideal for seniors that lack physical energy. They’re versatile and portable enough to be eaten anywhere, anytime. And since they offer 400 calories, they can be eaten as a snack, a small meal, or at the end of a meal if more calories are needed. Keep in mind, however, that meal replacement shakes from ENU are not meant to comprise an entire diet; rather, they are meant to be a supplement to a diet based around the consumption of whole foods.

Tolerable for Seniors Who Have Lost Their Sense of Taste and Smell

The meal replacement shakes from ENU come in two simple and well-known flavors (chocolate and vanilla) that are unlikely to bother the sensitive palates of seniors. Also, they can be used in various recipes to adjust their taste to specific preferences. Their consistency also makes them a great liquid supplement for cancer patients who can’t chew or swallow.

Full Nutritional Profile

ENU meal replacement shakes have carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats that are derived from high-quality, natural ingredients. They also feature a full array of vitamins and minerals and contain no lactose, gluten, or corn syrup.

Learn How Seniors Can Benefit from ENU Meal Replacement Shakes

If you or a senior you know is seeking a way to incorporate more wholesome nutrition into their diet, know that ENU meal replacement shakes are an ideal option due to their ease of use, neutral flavors, and full nutritional profile. Get in touch with ENU to learn more about why their meal replacement shakes are likely to be the best option for you and your health. Call (855) 266-6733 or visit us online today.

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