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Can You Live on Meal Replacement Shakes?

As the name implies, meal replacement shakes are used by people across the country as a quick, convenient substitute for a traditional meal. These helpful products can provide almost all the nutrients your body needs to keep operating at optimal levels, and they can be quite tasty to boot. In fact, some people are so enamored with these handy beverages that they wonder whether they can skip the solid meals entirely and just live on meal replacement shakes. But what exactly do meal replacement shakes contain, and can you live on these products alone? Keep reading as the people at ENU answer these very questions.

What’s in a Meal Replacement Shake?

Like any food product on the market, the contents and quality of meal replacement shake ingredients can vary widely between brands, in part because different types of nutrition shakes exist to serve different purposes for customers. A drink that is labeled a “protein shake,” for instance, is likely higher in that particular nutrient and aimed at serving athletes or other people whose high level of physical activity requires a steady intake of protein. By comparison, a general meal replacement shake will likely contain a wider array of nutrients because it is intended to serve as a full meal, rather than a supplement for a particular diet.

Anyone looking for a meal replacement shake should also consider the quality of ingredients that come in their beverage of choice. Many companies will add things like corn syrup, sucrose, and artificial sweeteners to make their shakes more palatable or to increase the calorie count, but these should be avoided; like all unhealthy additives, they only hurt your body and hinder your health and fitness goals.

ENU meal replacement shakes contain none of these harmful ingredients; instead, each ENU shake features 20 grams of protein from whey and soy isolates, two of the most easily absorbed forms of protein, along with complex carbs derived from whole grains and heart-healthy fats in the form of coconut and sunflower oils. Plus, each ENU nutrition shake has a blend of more than 20 vitamins and minerals to support all your body’s functions.

The Role of Meal Replacement Shakes in a Healthy Diet

Even the healthiest of meal replacement shakes is simply a substitute for a wholesome meal. Any nutritionist or dietician will tell you that eating balanced meals composed of solid food are generally better than a liquid supplement, at least in the long run. That’s partly because your body processes solids and liquids differently, and also because the act of chewing plays a surprisingly important role in digestion: not only does it break down your food into smaller bits, but it also sends a signal to your brain that your stomach will soon be receiving food, which helps promote a sense of fullness as you eat.

Of course, there are a great many situations in which drinking a meal replacement shake instead of eating is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. These drinks are intended for that use, after all, and they can be a healthy stand-in for solid food, even as often as once a day. Try to think of nutritional or meal replacement shakes as a supplement to a healthy diet – a way to curb cravings, promote healthy eating habits, and fuel your body on the go. Just don’t skip all your meals in favor of a shake or other replacement.

Uses for Nutrition or Meal Replacement Shakes

A meal replacement shake can be an effective tool in a diet for weight management, regardless of whether you want to gain weight, lose it, or maintain your current weight. For those looking to put on a few pounds, try adding meal replacement shakes to your diet after or between meals. This will increase your daily calorie count in a healthy way, making it easier to build mass without relying on sugary snack foods. To lose weight, consider substituting a daily meal for an ENU nutrition shake; instead of going out to get a sandwich for lunch, sip on a tasty shake instead, or combine it with fruits, yogurt, or juices to create a recipe for a healthy nutrition shake.

Because of the quality of ingredients in ENU shakes, they can be just as effective for those looking to support an active lifestyle as they are for patients looking for medical nutrition support as they recover from an illness. ENU shakes are gluten-free, lactose-free, Kosher, and use non-GMO ingredients, plus they have been approved by Informed Choice for use by athletes of all kinds.

Meal Replacement Shakes to Supplement a Healthy Diet

Even though meal replacement shakes can’t take the place of every meal, they are still useful additions to any healthy lifestyle. Think of these beverages as a tool to achieve your goals; used the right way, they can provide the perfect support for all your health, fitness, and weight-based needs. To learn more about ENU products or to order a free trial pack, visit us online or call (855) 266-6733 today to speak with a representative.

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