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What Can You Eat If You Don’t Have an Appetite During Chemo?

Finding ways to maintain a healthy weight during chemotherapy is one of the greatest challenges these patients face, not least because of all the side effects chemo can inflict on people. From nausea and diarrhea to the mouth sores and taste changes, it can seem like...

Important Nutritional Information in Weight Gain Shakes for Women

Though there are plenty of shakes for weight management on the market today, most of these are aimed at helping people, especially women, lose weight – one symptom of a society valuing unnaturally thin bodies, often at the expense of women’s health. In...

Important Nutritional Information in Weight Gain Shakes for Men

While gaining weight is often the opposite goal of people on a specific diet, there are plenty of circumstances in which a man may want to put on a few pounds. Weight gain shakes for men can provide a powerful, convenient method of gaining weight in a healthy,...

Are Protein Shakes Good for Weight Gain During Chemotherapy?

While vital to the treatment of cancer, chemotherapy can have serious side effects for people receiving it, including weight loss, loss of appetite, loss of taste and smell, nausea, mouth sores, dry mouth, chronic pain, and hair and nail problems. Of all of the side...

What Nutritional Supplements Are Good for Fighting Cancer?

Coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming, especially when you consider the many side effects and medical expenses that are sure to follow. However, healthy, nutrition-based options can offer some relief and support to these patients through the...

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