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Gather the Kids and Get Active this Father’s Day

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Gather the Kids & Get Active this Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, don’t wait for your spouse or kids to plan your day or simply to give you a store-bought gift. Instead, initiate a fun-filled, active day with your family. Put down the gadgets, turn off the TV and go outside.

Federal guidelines recommend that children get at least 60 minutes of exercise every day. Kids who see their moms and dads active on a daily basis—beyond a structured workout at the gym—tend to model that behavior. And being active with your kids yields more than physical fitness. It creates dedicated quality time as a family. You don’t need a lot of planning or money to have an enjoyable, active day. Go old school, and think of the games you played as a kid outside.

Here are five activities to consider for this Father’s Day and throughout the summer:

Play tag. Remember how much fun it was to run around your backyard and yell “you’re it!” after tagging someone? You chasing your kids around in circles? Guaranteed to lead to shrieks and giggles. You can even mix it up with your own versions of Ghosts in the Graveyard or TV tag.

Grab a ball. Kick a soccer ball around the yard, toss a football back and forth, or grab gloves and a baseball and play pitch and catch.

Hop on your bikes. If it’s not easy to ride around your neighborhood, check out a local park for bike paths. Or, for little kids, head to an empty parking lot, such as your neighborhood school on a Sunday, to ride around.

Explore nature. Find the nearest woods and go for a short or long hike. Depending on your kids’ ages, they might have fun collecting rocks along the way or exploring bugs along a creek bed. Even if you live in the city, find a nearby park or walking path.

Bust a move. Queue up the music in your backyard or driveway and challenge your kids to a dance-off. It might be easier to get younger children to take part, but if you have a few swing dancing moves to teach or know any country line dances, that just might entice teenage daughters to join in, too.

We all know our kids just want to spend dedicated time with us. You don’t need to plan an elaborate day to have fun. What better way to enjoy Father’s Day and summer days with your family than to take part in simple, stress-free activities that also help you stay healthy?

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