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What Is a Healthy Rate of Weight Gain?

Nutritional shakes aren’t only for people trying to lose weight. They are often used by people trying to gain weight, whether as part of the recovery from a medical condition or to improve their sports performance and appearance. For people trying to gain weight, it’s important to do so with your optimal health in mind. If you’re trying to gain weight in a healthy way, keep reading to learn more about the healthy rate at which to gain weight and how nutritional shakes can help you reach your weight gain goals.

How to Gain Weight Safely

If your body needs more weight to function properly, then it’s good for you to gain weight. However, gaining weight too quickly can be just as unhealthy as being underweight. Gaining weight too quickly can lead to health problems including ingestion, blood sugar and metabolism issues, and an increased risk of diabetes. Another problem that can arise from gaining weight too quickly is gaining fat instead of muscle. Ideally, a person trying to gain weight will gain most of their weight in the form of muscle mass.

Gaining weight too quickly, without changing one’s lifestyle to account for weight maintenance, can lead a person to lose the weight as quickly as it was gained. There can even be nutritional deficiencies if someone attempts to gain weight by consuming the majority of their calories in the form of empty calories. In order to gain weight and keep it on, doctors recommend gaining weight at a rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week. Anything more will result in the addition of fat to your body and the health risks that go along with it.

Making small, consistent changes to your everyday life is the best way to gain weight for good. People seeking to gain weight and keep it on can do so by adding between 250 and 500 calories to their diets every day and by exercising to ensure that the weight they gain is mostly comprised of muscle.

If you’re attempting to gain weight, you should first check your Body Mass Index (BMI), a measurement of body fat. By knowing your current BMI and the ideal BMI for your body shape and dietary needs, you’ll be able to calculate your caloric intake needs appropriately. It’s also recommended that you seek the guidance of a doctor or health care professional before making any significant changes to your daily diet and exercise regimen.

Gaining Weight with Meal Replacement Shakes

The best, most sustainable way to gain weight is to eat more calories while maintaining an exercise routine, which can be supported by the addition of nutritional shakes into your diet. Drinking a nutritional shake before your workout can give you the energy you need to perform at your best; drinking a nutritional shake after your workout will assist your body with the repair and restoration of the muscles you used and broke down during the workout.

ENU nutritional shakes provide all of the macronutrients your body needs to ensure that you’re as healthy as possible while you gain weight. The ample amount of protein will help your muscles build and repair themselves while ensuring that you feel satisfied. The complex carbohydrates will replenish your body’s stores of glycogen and won’t make your blood sugar spike. And the fats in ENU nutritional shakes are the heart-healthy variety that assist in the absorption of all of the other nutrients that your body needs.

When trying to gain weight, it’s important to consume food and drinks that are high in calories and low in sugar. ENU nutritional shakes provide the right balance of calories and nutrients, as well as the perfect balance of protein and carbohydrates. Furthermore, ENU nutritional shakes contain no gluten, lactose, artificial colors and sweeteners, or GMOs, and they are certified kosher.

The best way to gain weight with the assistance of nutritional shakes is to add them to a healthy diet. Instead of replacing meals with nutritional shakes as you would if you were trying to lose weight, you can add nutritional shakes to your diet as a healthy way to get more calories. You can have them as a snack, a dessert, or as part of your pre-bedtime routine. While drinking nutritional shakes to gain weight, it’s important to remain consistent—have them around the same time every day and incorporate them into your workout routine.

Nutritional Shakes and Medical Nutrition Support

Nutritional shakes make a great addition to the diets of those trying to gain weight as a result of medical conditions such as cancer/chemotherapy and eating disorders. Gaining weight after cancer and subsequent chemotherapy can make be difficult due to difficulty chewing and swallowing, as well as nausea, decreased appetite, and changes in the sense of smell and taste. Gaining weight after an eating disorder is also difficult due to preexisting malnutrition. Nutritional shakes are a good vehicle for all of the nutrients necessary for daily life for those struggling to gain weight with a medical condition.

ENU Nutritional Shakes Can Power a Healthier, More Muscular Body

When trying to gain weight, nothing is more important than the maintenance of your current well-being and the creation of a healthy future. You can add calories to your diet—and weight to your body—my drinking ENU nutritional shakes as an addition to a balanced diet and exercise routine. Visit ENU’s website to learn more about other ways that nutritional shakes can benefit your lifestyle and long-term health goals or call (855) 266-6733 today.

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