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Putting on weight in a healthy way isn’t always easy, especially if you want to focus your weight gain efforts on a certain part of the body. For a number of reasons, it’s common for people who have a thin or gaunt appearance to want to fill out their faces by gaining weight, but since we generally can’t pick and choose where and how this happens on our bodies, this process can seem difficult or impossible. All is not lost, however; there are several things you can do to create fuller cheeks and a rounder face, though these methods are somewhat indirect. To learn the answer to the question, “How can I gain weight in my face?”, keep reading as the team at weight management nutrition shake company ENU discusses this topic and provides some tips.

How Weight Gain Works for Your Face

If you’ve found that your cheeks seem sunken or your facial bones are too pronounced, don’t worry, as there are ways you can gain weight in your face and soften or fill out your features. However, be aware that there are some factors in this process that are beyond your control, namely the effects of your genes. Generally speaking, the only way you can be sure to gain some weight in your face is to put on weight overall. Because the body doesn’t allow us to only gain weight in one place – at least, not by choice – building up body fat everywhere is really the only way to gain some extra facial fat as well.

That said, this process is not guaranteed to work for everyone. Even if you gain 10 or 20 pounds, genetics are what determines where that new fat is deposited, so there is a very real possibility that you could gain significant weight and have little of it deposited around your face. For some people, fat gain is concentrated around the hips or waist, while others might accumulate it around their gut. While some of the weight you gain may appear around your face, the amount of weight you need to gain to get that result can also vary based on your genetic makeup, and in some cases, you might have to gain an unhealthy amount of weight to see any change in your face.

Healthy Ways to Gain Weight in Your Face

Because gaining weight in your face requires the buildup of fat, it’s easy to let the process go too far, leading to an unhealthy degree of weight gain. For this reason, it’s important that your efforts to gain weight in your face are carried out in a balanced, measured way. If this is the change you’re aiming for, consider the following tips for achieving your goal in a healthy way:

Stick with Slow, Steady Weight Gain

As with most things in society today, it’s common for people to want results as fast as possible when trying to gain weight in their faces, but this should be avoided. Rapid weight gain can lead to many of the same health risks as those experienced by obese individuals – diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, to name a few – even if your actual weight would generally be considered healthy. In addition, weight gained quickly is often lost just as fast, so your results are unlikely to stick around if you don’t maintain a slow and steady pace.

At most, you should aim to gain about 1 pound per week, which translates to a calorie surplus of about 500 calories per day (or 250 calories per day if you want to stick with a more moderate ½ pound per week). Maintaining this rate over the course of a month or two will allow you to slowly build up fat and watch its effects on your face and body, making it easier to judge how successful your efforts might be in the long run.

Put on Some Muscle, Too

Adding fat to your frame might help you gain weight in your face, but it’s important to balance any fat gain with muscle gain as well. Not only is muscle tissue a healthier addition to your frame, but it can help fill out your face, too. Try engaging in strength training two or three times per week to build up muscle, which you can do at home with body weight exercises, resistance bands, or free weights. You should steer clear of cardio-heavy workouts if weight gain is your goal, but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid it altogether.

Maintain Your Nutrient Intake

Boosting your calorie intake will help with weight gain, sure, but your body needs more than calories to survive. Make sure you remember to maintain a well-rounded diet, complete with vitamins, minerals, protein, complex carbs, and healthy sources of fat. While dieticians generally agree that whole foods are the best source of nutrients, adding products like meal replacement shakes to your diet can also provide a healthy blend of nutrients in an easy, convenient form. Just make sure the product you choose is made with real food ingredients and has a balanced nutritional profile, not just plenty of calories.

Healthy Nutritional Shakes and Powders for Gaining Weight in Your Face

When working to gain weight in your face, don’t be afraid to try a nutritional supplement that can improve your results in a healthy way. ENU meal replacement shakes, for instance, offer 20 grams of protein to facilitate muscle growth and 400 calories to help with overall weight gain, and our Pro3+ nutritional powder can be an excellent source of protein and calories as well. To learn more about these safe, effective products, visit ENU online or call (855) 266-6733 today.

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