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How Can You Get Protein for Breakfast?

Sure, we all know how important breakfast is. But for those with busy lives, it isn’t always easy to get the nutrients they need early in the morning. Getting the right amount of protein to start your day is important, but how can you do so without lengthening your morning routine?

There are many high-protein breakfast foods. Eggs and oatmeal are just a couple of examples of protein-dense morning meals. However, sometimes you don’t have time to cook. In that case, choosing a healthy protein shake can help you get the nutrients you need, bright and early. Protein shakes are convenient and tasty and, when made with the right protein substance, can set you up for success without causing discomfort.

At ENU, we’re committed to helping you get the protein you need for breakfast. Our shakes contain 20 grams of hydrolyzed whey protein so that you can begin your day with a significant serving of protein. Visit our website today to learn more about how ENU Nutritional Shakes can help you get more protein at breakfast.

How to Add Extra Protein to Your Breakfast Routine

Eating early in the morning can be difficult. You’ve just woken up, and maybe the last thing you want is to eat something heavy. But breakfast isn’t called the most important meal of the day for nothing. Getting the right nutrients in the morning is important. It sets you up for a productive, energized day. But how can you get protein for breakfast in an easy way?

Many breakfast foods are quite high in protein. However, it’s important to choose wisely. Eating a sugary cereal won’t give you the protein you need, but it will probably make you crash before you reach lunchtime. Try cooking some eggs in the morning instead. Each large egg has about six grams of protein. Whatever way you like your eggs, whether scrambled, fried, or boiled, consider eating some to get the protein you need in the morning.

Oatmeal is a great source of protein, too. It’s very filling and can keep you satiated until lunch rolls around. Depending on how you make your oatmeal, you can get at least five grams of protein in one cup of cooked oats. If you want to increase your morning protein intake, add cow’s milk or plant milk. Throw some nuts or granola on top, and you’ve got a high-protein breakfast.

Of course, some people don’t get enough protein in the morning because they don’t have time. If that’s the case, consider grabbing a nutritious protein shake on your way out of the door. ENU Nutritional Shakes have 20 grams of protein per serving. These shakes are a great, convenient option when you need protein in the morning but don’t have time to cook. You may even prefer drinking a protein shake on days that you have time to prepare a meal. Protein shakes contain many calories and nutrients per serving, and they’re tasty too.

Benefits of a High-Protein Breakfast

Protein is one of the three macronutrients that are essential for health. On a day-to-day basis, your body needs adequate protein to maintain energy. Eating protein in the morning has other health benefits as well. It’s good for muscle growth and can promote weight loss. Getting enough protein for breakfast is surely important.

Restore Protein

After a long night’s sleep, the body needs protein. Overnight, your body breaks down protein to address specific bodily processes and functions. When you wake up, you need to consume more protein for your body. Because of this, it’s recommended that adults eat 25 to 30 grams of protein at breakfast. So, a few scrambled eggs alone aren’t enough. Pairing your favorite morning meal with a shake, like our protein-dense ENU Nutritional Shakes, can help you meet the morning requirement for protein.

Lose Weight

Eating protein in the morning also helps with weight maintenance or weight loss. When you don’t eat a filling breakfast, you may snack on unhealthy foods throughout the day. Consuming enough protein in the morning slows the release of ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone. When this hormone’s release is delayed, you feel fuller for longer. If you’re trying to lose or maintain weight, eating a high-protein breakfast can help.

Build Muscle

Protein is food for your muscles. Getting enough protein in your breakfast can energize your muscles and improve performance during workouts. If you like to exercise in the morning, eating protein for breakfast is even more important. When we exercise, our bodies use our existing protein storage as fuel. Without enough, you can lose muscle mass. If you don’t eat protein for breakfast, you may not properly perform during a workout. You can also feel fatigued throughout the day.

What Types of Protein Should I Eat for Breakfast?

Not all protein substances are the same. Some have more appealing characteristics than others. Understanding which protein substance reacts best with your body can help you get the right kind of protein for breakfast and prepare you for a productive day.

When it comes to proteins, whey is the best. It’s easily digestible and contains all nine essential amino acids, like other complete proteins. It can be difficult for some people to eat a large, protein-dense meal in the mornings. Because of that, they may choose not to have breakfast, and thus, don’t get the protein and calories they need to energize them throughout the day. Not every protein substance is easy on the stomach, which can be another deterrent, especially for gastrointestinal issues or persistent nausea.

Whey protein, however, doesn’t cause discomfort. It’s highly absorbable and easily digestible, meaning you can eat a lot of it without feeling nauseous. ENU Nutritional Shakes are a great breakfast and are made with 100% hydrolyzed whey protein. They’re also lactose-free, so they’re accessible to people who are lactose intolerant. Our protein shakes also have four added grams of medium-chain triglycerides that promote quick absorption. If you have trouble eating protein in the morning but want to start, try drinking nutritious shakes with whey protein. You can get the protein you need to begin your day right without upsetting your stomach.

Try Our Protein-Packed Breakfast and Meal Replacement Shakes

You can benefit from eating a healthy, protein-dense breakfast each morning. To purchase ENU Nutritional Shakes to enhance your breakfast, visit us online today.

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