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How Much Protein Should Bariatric Patients Consume Each Day?

Bariatric patients need to focus on their health and diet. A crucial part of a healthy diet after bariatric surgery is protein. So, how much protein should bariatric patients consume each day?

Although things change on a case-by-case basis, generally, bariatric patients should consume 65 to 75 grams of protein each day. Protein is essential for bariatric patients to promote lean muscle mass and prevent skin sagging during weight loss. However, consuming too much protein each day can cause bariatric patients to stall their progress or even gain weight. Because surgery can cause nausea and malabsorption, try getting your protein from a nutritional supplement made with whey.

ENU is dedicated to helping bariatric patients succeed in their weight loss goals. Our Pro3+ Nutritional Powder is formulated to support health and provide bariatric patients with the protein they need each day. If you’re a bariatric patient, visit our website to purchase protein-dense Pro3+ Nutritional Powder today.

How Much Protein Should Bariatric Patients Consume Each Day?

If you’re a bariatric patient, that means you may be on a very difficult weight loss journey. It could include surgeries, difficult diet plans, and rigorous exercise. Your nutrition is paramount among all the responsibilities you have as a bariatric patient. Because of that, protein is an essential nutrient that bariatric patients shouldn’t overlook.

After surgery, gastric bypass patients should consume between 65 to 75 grams of protein each day. Monitoring your protein intake is important, so using a nutritional supplement like Pro3+ Nutritional Powder can help.

If you’re a bariatric patient, your doctor or nutritionist will likely work with you to create a diet plan that works. That diet plan may outline ways to achieve your necessary daily protein intake. Sticking to a nutritional plan is key for bariatric patients. Otherwise, they may not consume enough protein each day and struggle on their weight loss journey.

Why Should Bariatric Patients Consume Protein Each Day?

Protein is essential for countless reasons. It regulates important functions, and your body can’t operate without it. Beyond that, protein is needed for muscle growth. Gastric sleeve patients need to consume enough protein each day to promote lean muscle growth as they lose weight.

While the goal of bariatric treatments is to help you lose weight, it’s generally necessary for health reasons. Weight loss can be dangerous when you don’t focus on other areas of your health at the same time. That’s why protein is so essential for gastric bypass patients. It contributes to muscle growth as you lose fat, helping you to be strong and healthy at the end of your treatment.

Not only is consuming protein each day important for bariatric patients for health reasons, but it also can make you feel more confident. Getting enough protein in your diet can reduce skin sagging and improve wound healing after bariatric surgery.

What Happens When Bariatric Patients Consume Too Much Protein Each Day?

Although consuming enough protein each day is important for bariatric patients, it is possible to consume too much. Patients should adhere to their doctors’ recommendations of getting 65 to 75 grams of protein daily, or they could inhibit their weight loss.

Protein-rich foods often have a high caloric content. Not being careful with your nutrition can slow weight loss or begin to undo all the work you’ve done to start losing weight in the first place. Gastric sleeve patients must be careful with their daily protein intake for that reason.

That’s why it’s also helpful to use a nutritional supplement to give you the protein you need each day. For example, Pro3+ is relatively low in calories but high in nutrition when used properly. This type of combination is ideal for bariatric patients who need to monitor their caloric intake but still need to consume a significant amount of protein each day.

What Type of Protein Should Bariatric Patients Consume Each Day?

The very nature of bariatric surgery is to make digestion and absorption more difficult. Because of this, your body can’t consume as many calories, causing you to lose weight. However, that also affects your body’s ability to consume important nutrients essential to your health, like protein. That’s why a certain type of protein is best for bariatric patients to consume each day.

Whey protein is ideal for gastric bypass patients. Not only is it super nutritious, but it’s easily digestible. It takes just one hour to digest 10 grams of whey protein for the average person. In gastric sleeve patients, the digestive process can take a bit longer but will still be shorter than if you chose another protein.

Protein powders that are made with whey, like Pro3+, can help bariatric patients get enough grams of protein each day. After surgery, it can be difficult to absorb the nutrients you need, which is why choosing a highly-digestible protein like whey is wise.

How Can Bariatric Patients Consume Enough Protein Each Day?

After bariatric surgery, or as you complete a treatment plan, you may find it difficult to consume enough protein each day. Surgery restricts how much you can eat, limiting options for gastric bypass patients. In addition, it can be hard to stomach food immediately after surgery. Try using nutritional supplements to get the protein you need as a bariatric patient.

Although nutritional supplements come in many forms, a protein powder is best for bariatric patients. With protein powders such as Pro3+, gastric sleeve patients can carefully monitor their protein and caloric intake. You can add a few scoops of protein powder to meals or drinks throughout the day, making getting the nutrients you need much easier.

Nausea and vomiting are very common after receiving bariatric surgery. Tasteless protein powders, like Pro3+, won’t induce nausea in bariatric patients.

Remember, always speak to your doctor or nutritionist before taking nutritional supplements, especially if you’re a bariatric patient. Your diet is crucial to your success, so inform a professional of your plans to use a nutritional supplement to get the protein you need each day.

Bariatric Patients Can Use Pro3+ to Consume Enough Protein Each Day

Monitoring your nutritional intake is important if you’re a bariatric patient, including protein. Bariatric patients can visit ENU’s website and purchase protein-packed Pro3+ Nutritional Powder today.

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