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How Much Protein Should I Eat Per Meal?

When it comes to protein, the more, the better. Our bodies need protein to support muscle growth and other important functions. Understanding how much protein you should eat per meal can help you improve your health and reach your goals.

Generally, you should get about 20-30 grams of protein per meal. That includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can sneak a few extra grams of protein into your diet by eating healthy snacks throughout the day. You may need more protein per meal, depending on your health goals. For example, athletes require additional protein after a workout to recover. Using protein powder can help you get sufficient protein in each meal and better your health.

ENU’s products are designed to support health. Our protein powder is made using whey protein, which enhances nutrient absorption. Visit our website today to learn more about how Pro3+ Nutritional Powder can help you get more protein in your meals.

How Much Protein Should I Eat Per Meal?

Protein is an essential macronutrient that supports countless bodily processes. Because of this, eating enough protein at each meal is important. Regardless of your health goals, getting protein in each meal is necessary to maintain wellness.


Starting your mornings off with sufficient protein can make you feel energized throughout the day. Try adding 25-30 grams of protein to your breakfast each morning. That can be achieved through breakfast favorites like oatmeal or eggs. Try making a healthy protein shake with Pro3+ Nutritional Powder if you’re on the go. You can sprinkle Pro3+ on top of your favorite breakfast or stir it into your morning coffee to boost your protein intake.


Lunch is an important meal that’s often overlooked. Eating protein at lunch is important, so you maintain your energy levels and stay satiated. A healthy lunch can consist of 20-30 grams of protein, depending on your weight and activity levels. As you move and work throughout the day, protein feeds your muscles. By lunchtime, your available stores of protein may have depleted. Eating a protein-rich lunch can help you finish out your day strong.


When dinner rolls around, it may be your last chance to get protein for the day. Eating around 30 grams of protein at dinner is recommended. When you eat protein before bed, it’s digested during sleep. Protein synthesis still occurs, despite you resting. It can result in muscle growth and increased strength.


If your meals lack protein on any given day, eat some protein-dense snacks. Nuts are a great way to introduce protein into your diet and energize you. Protein itself is very satiating, so eating small snacks can reduce hunger and provide the sustenance you need.

Why Do I Need to Eat Protein at Each Meal?

Although 30 grams of protein may seem like a lot per meal, it’s necessary. A protein deficiency can cause health problems that you can avoid with the right diet. Eating enough protein at each meal can positively affect your health and weight.

First, protein keeps us satiated. Eating protein in each meal makes you feel fuller. It suppresses ghrelin production, which is the hormone that indicates hunger. Feeling fuller for longer can prevent you from snacking on otherwise unhealthy foods.

Protein also repairs and strengthens muscles. Even if you’re not an avid athlete, simply moving throughout the day requires muscle use. Repairing and protecting your muscles by eating enough protein can help you gain strength without even realizing it.

When you start eating more protein, you may notice that you’re more alert and energized. A lack of protein at each meal can cause weakness and fatigue. You can involuntarily lose muscle mass and slow your metabolism. As you increase the protein content of your meals, your health can improve in more ways than one. Your hair and nails can get stronger. Even your mood may improve.

Although 20-30 grams of protein is the average recommended amount per meal, you may need more depending on your habits. For example, if you are an athlete, you may require additional protein after working out. Adding protein-packed Pro3+ Nutritional to your meals can provide the added nutrition you need to make getting protein at each meal easier, regardless of your activity level.

Eating enough protein at each meal can help you reach your health goals. Whether you want to gain or lose weight, a protein-rich diet can help. Paired with exercise and other important nutrients, getting protein per meal can improve your health.

How Can I Eat Enough Protein Per Meal?

It isn’t always easy to get the protein you need in each meal. Planning and preparing three meals a day can be difficult, especially if you have a busy life. Those who need protein most, like oncology and cystic fibrosis patients, may not be able to cook entire meals. Try using protein powder if you need more protein in each meal but aren’t sure how to get it.

Of course, you can get protein through solid foods. However, cooking protein-dense meals and buying ingredients can be costly. Not to mention, it can be draining for those experiencing medical illnesses. Even athletes can benefit from a convenient way to add protein into their diet. Healthy protein powders like Pro3+ can help. You can use it to make protein shakes or just dissolve it into foods and beverages for extra nutrition. Adding a couple of scoops of Pro3+ into your meals can make each bite full of protein.

You can also get enough protein per meal by eating protein-dense foods. Poultry, eggs, and fish are great sources of protein. There are vegetarian-friendly ways to get protein, like tofu and beans, and more traditional routes, like beef and pork.

Try Our Nutritious Protein Powder Today

Intentionally cultivating your weekly menu, and supplementing with a protein powder when you need it, can help you get enough protein per meal. To purchase our Pro3+ Nutritional Powder to boost your protein intake, visit our website today.

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