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When you don’t have an appetite, you may not get the nutrients required to support wellness. Triggering hunger can seem hopeless, especially if it is a persistent issue. Learning how to induce appetite is necessary so you can maintain your health.

There are many ways to induce appetite. Planning your meals and eating healthy foods can help, as can light exercise and rest. Eating smaller meals more frequently can increase hunger as well. Drinking meal replacement shakes is an easy way to induce appetite without eating an entire meal. If you aren’t hungry, the idea of eating large portions can be overwhelming. Drinking your nutrients can be easier on the stomach and more convenient.

ENU formulates products to help people get their appetite back. Our meal replacement shakes have a balanced blend of nutrients that induce hunger and support nutrition. Visit us online today to learn more about how drinking ENU Nutritional Shakes can induce your appetite.

How to Increase a Poor Appetite

Lack of appetite can happen for a variety of reasons. Anxiety and illness can suppress your appetite. Eating disorders and other issues can cause reduced hunger. That’s a problem, preventing you from getting the nutrients you need to thrive. Luckily, there are simple ways to induce your appetite and help maintain it over time.

Plan Your Meals

Planning your daily meals can help induce appetite. Anticipating a new recipe can make you feel hungrier and excited to eat. Planning also helps you stick to a schedule. So, even when you don’t feel hungry, you have a routine that helps you eat. Regularly eating at the same time can make your body expect food and desire it.

Eat Smaller Portions Frequently

When you need to induce appetite, it’s helpful to eat more frequently. For some people, eating three large meals a day isn’t feasible. It’s time-consuming and can leave you feeling too full. If you lack an appetite, big portions can be daunting and cause feelings of nausea. Frequently eating smaller portions can increase hunger. It makes your body accustomed to getting nutrients more regularly, inducing your appetite.

Eat Your Favorite Foods

Sometimes, our favorite foods can induce hunger. If you’re an oncology or cystic fibrosis patient, you may experience persistent nausea or discomfort that reduces feelings of hunger. The smell of your favorite entrée, or the taste of your ideal dessert, can trigger your appetite. This can make you feel hungry, allowing you to eat without discomfort.

Avoid Unhealthy Foods

When you eat unhealthy foods, you can feel weaker and more lethargic. Foods with no nutritional value cannot support your health in any way. Eating these foods won’t induce appetite but can contribute to malnutrition. Instead, focus on eating whole, nutrient-dense foods. Such foods will give your body the necessary fuel and can induce appetite.

Drink Less Water with Meals

Drinking water can suppress your appetite. Don’t drink too much water with meals or in the hour before you sit down to eat. Water fills up your stomach, making you feel less hungry. Although liquids are important, drinking them at the right times is necessary. This is especially true if you need to induce your appetite.

Exercise Regularly

Light exercise is a great way to induce your appetite. When you work out, you use your muscles. Muscles require food to repair, more specifically protein. That’s why you feel hungry after exercising. You don’t need to do too much when exercising to induce appetite. Taking walks or light strength training can work just fine. Start with exercises that you feel comfortable with, and increase the difficulty as you gain strength. Try exercising before mealtimes. That way, you can feel hungrier when you sit down for dinner.

Drink Meal Replacement Shakes

Drinking meal replacement shakes can give you the nutrients you need to spark hunger. A lack of appetite can result from multiple nutrient deficiencies. Adding meal replacement shakes to your diet can boost your nutritional intake. You can rediscover your appetite as you get the nutrients you need.

For example, our ENU Nutritional Shakes are great for inducing appetite because they are formulated to substitute a healthy meal. Our shakes have 400 calories per serving, including important nutrients. They’re highly absorbable and easy to digest, so they won’t induce nausea like other foods might. With just a few sips of our appetite-inducing ENU Nutritional Shakes, you can boost your nutritional intake and begin inducing hunger.

Relax and Rest

When you’re anxious or stressed, your brain can block ghrelin. Ghrelin is the hormone that lets your brain know that your body needs food. Also known as the hunger hormone, ghrelin is essential to recognizing hunger. Anxiety or extreme stress can distract your brain and cause it to ignore ghrelin. This happens during fight or flight when your brain has more important things to worry about. Taking time to relax or reduce stress can help you regain your appetite.

Why Should I Induce My Appetite?

A lack of appetite can be dangerous. It can result in unintentional weight loss and malnutrition. If you have certain medical issues or are experiencing illness, not eating enough can worsen your symptoms. Even when trying to lose weight, having an appetite is important.

When you don’t have an appetite, you’re probably not getting the nutrients you need. That’s very dangerous. Your body needs food to stay healthy. Without it, important systems can begin to degrade. You may lose too much weight and muscle mass. Malnutrition comes with a whole host of issues, like hair loss and fatigue.

Learning the best ways to induce your appetite is important if you have difficulty eating. When you’re having trouble, drinking a meal replacement shake can help. ENU Nutritional Shakes are conveniently sized and packed with nutrition, helping to induce your appetite. Even when you’re not hungry, you can drink an 8.5-ounce shake that contains the nutrients you need from a well-rounded meal.

Start Drinking ENU Nutritional Shakes to Induce Appetite Today

Taking our tips for inducing appetite and drinking meal replacement shakes can help you increase feelings of hunger. Visit our website to purchase ENU Nutritional Shakes and start your inducing appetite today.

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