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Important Ingredients for Weight Loss in Meal Replacement Shakes

Weight loss has long been the Holy Grail of American pop culture. As actors and models in advertisements, movies, television, and every other form of media display their toned bodies for the world to see, they set a high bar for health and fitness that people across the country seek to emulate through diets and workouts of every kind. One of the tools people often use to help their journey is the meal replacement shake, a tasty beverage that can stand in for a solid meal while still offering substantial nutritional value. But what should you look for in a meal replacement shake for weight loss? Keep reading as the people at ENU provide the answer to that exact question.

How Weight Loss Works

Any substantial, long-term change in weight should begin with this simple equation: calories used minus calories consumed equals your weight loss for the day. Because a single pound of body fat holds about 3,500 calories, you will need to maintain a calorie deficit of about 500 calories each day to lose one pound per week; standard medical advice would be to keep weight loss to no more than two pounds per week.

The struggle, then, is adjusting to this new deficit in a way that you can tolerate without breaking from your diet. There is a near-infinite number of suggestions for how to do this on the Internet, and some may even be effective. However, dieticians and nutritionists agree that the most effective diet is the one you stick to, so consider the likelihood of your own compliance when deciding how to diet.

Meal replacement shakes can be an especially effective tool for weight loss for a variety of reasons. For starters, they contain the nutrition of a small meal with far fewer calories, allowing you to give your body the nourishment it needs while still maintaining your diet. Of course, some shakes are better than others; those that contain unhealthy additives such as sucrose or corn syrup will only hurt your weight loss attempt. Try to focus instead on the amount and types of protein and fats your drink contains, as well as the sources of carbs it provides. As with all food products, natural, organic ingredients for meal replacement shakes are superior to the processed kinds. As an added bonus, these drinks can be blended with fruits, juices, yogurt, or any number of other foods to create a delicious nutritional shake recipe.

Ingredients You Should Look for in Meal Replacement Shakes for Losing Weight

As mentioned above, not all nutrition shakes are created equal; some include ingredients aimed at boosting the calorie count of the drink or making it taste better at the cost of its overall quality. When selecting the meal replacement shake you want, take a look at the nutrition label and make sure there’s nothing in there that could sabotage your weight loss efforts.


Incredibly, protein manages to be an effective component for both weight loss and weight gain, depending on how it’s used. Whereas bodybuilders use protein shakes to boost muscle mass, those looking to slim down can take advantage of some of this macronutrient’s other characteristics. For example, protein has been shown to cause increased feelings of satiation, or fullness, in people who consume it; in other words, protein curbs hunger. This can be especially helpful for those who struggle with temptation in their fight to lose weight, as protein makes it easier to resist snacking. Look for sources of protein that are easy on your system, such as whey or soy isolates.


It seems like almost every diet that gets promoted on the Internet and in television shows is based around the idea of cutting carbs out of your diet, either significantly or altogether. While lowering your carb intake can certainly help some people lose weight, these dietary staples nonetheless play an important role in our body’s systems; namely, they provide the body with energy. Those who supplement their low-calorie diet with exercise should still maintain carbs as part of their diet, not only to fuel their active lifestyle but also to help their muscles replenish glycogen stores. Try to seek out complex carbs that provide extended energy, rather than sugary carb sources that give you a burst of energy but leave you to crash afterward.


Though it may sound counterintuitive to include fat in a shake meant to help you lose weight, this critical nutrient remains a pillar of a healthy diet – just be sure you’re getting the right kinds of fats. The saturated fats found in snacks and red meat can hurt your overall health, whereas the unsaturated varieties can actually lower your cholesterol and fight heart disease. Plus, many vitamins and minerals require fat to dissolve in, meaning that you need fat to put them to use. Ideal fats for a healthy diet include olive oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil.

Nutritional Shakes to Help with Effective Weight Loss

It’s no secret that diet is a huge factor in a person’s weight loss journey, so what you put into your body will definitely affect your outcome. ENU meal replacement shakes contain 20 grams of protein from whey and soy, complex carbs from brown rice and quinoa, heart-healthy fats from coconut and sunflower oils, and a mix of more than 20 vitamins and minerals. The next time you want a low-calorie option to hold you over until dinner or replace a meal during your day, give ENU a try. Learn more about all our products and how they can help you by visiting us online or calling (855) 266-6733 today.

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