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Important Nutritional Information in Weight Gain Shakes for Men

While gaining weight is often the opposite goal of people on a specific diet, there are plenty of circumstances in which a man may want to put on a few pounds. Weight gain shakes for men can provide a powerful, convenient method of gaining weight in a healthy, sustainable way, making it much more likely that the pounds will stay on in the long term. Of course, not all weight management shakes are equal in quality or effectiveness; different formulas use different ingredients, and some companies are more dedicated to natural ingredients and healthful outcomes than others. If you or someone you know is considering using nutrition shakes to gain weight, read on while the experts at ENU explain what nutritional information you should look for.

How Does Weight Gain Work?

A lot of factors contribute to changes in a person’s weight, but the basic mechanism of weight gain – and weight loss, for that matter – is a simple equation: take the number of calories consumed, subtract the calories your body uses, and you are left with either extra calories (leading to weight gain) or a calorie deficit (causing weight loss).

Most health professionals agree that the safest rate of weight change is 5-6 pounds per month, or 1-2 pounds per week. Since a single pound of fat is about 3,500 calories, it will take at least that many calories per week – or about 500 extra calories per day – to gain weight effectively. However, gaining weight purely as fat can be detrimental to your health; putting on muscle mass in addition to fat is a much healthier method of weight gain.

To gain muscle, a significant portion of your calories – at least 30% of your daily diet – should come from protein; in addition, finding ways to be physically active will help the process along, even if the exercise is not particularly intense. To those in need of medical nutrition support, protein is especially important because it helps your body heal – part of why products from ENU are effective weight gain shakes for cancer patients.

How Many Calories Should Be in a Weight Gain Shake?

Because the vast majority of protein and meal replacement shakes are intended as an aid for weight loss, rather than weight gain, these products tend to be low in calories, with minimal nutritional value aside from a wealth of protein. While this may be an effective tool for some weight management goals, these shakes have little to offer people trying to gain weight instead.

When selecting a drink as part of a weight gain strategy, an important factor to look for is an appropriate calorie count – something akin to a small meal, say 300-400 calories or so. Remember, you should be trying to add at least 500 more calories to your diet each day, so the greater the calorie count of the drink you choose, the faster you will achieve your weight goals.

That said, the source of the calories matters at least as much as the number. Many brands of nutrition or meal replacement shakes add unhealthy ingredients, such as corn syrup, to boost their calorie count in a cheap and easy way. These drinks should be avoided, as sweeteners and other additives can do more harm than good, even for those looking to gain weight.

Important Nutrients in Men’s Weight Gain Drinks

As with any food product that you put into your body, you should aim for weight gain shakes that contain a healthy, balanced mix of nutrients and ingredients from natural sources. Though the number of calories is an important factor to consider in a shake, so too are the overall health benefits of the shake’s components.

Take protein, for instance. This critical macronutrient plays a key role in the body’s healing process and is used to make everything from skin and bones to enzymes and neurotransmitters. It also offers a notable benefit to those looking to add a few pounds to their frame: It is used to build and maintain the body’s muscles. For those who want to add weight in a healthy, lasting way, it is important that muscle growth is achieved in addition to gaining fat; therefore, protein should be a top concern when choosing a weight gain shake. Look for sources that your body can easily and efficiently use – whey protein, for example – in significant amounts; shakes with more than 15 grams of protein would be ideal.

Although protein is certainly important, don’t forget to check the kinds of carbs and fats your shake contains. Sugars are a type of carb that can provide fast energy and will certainly lead to weight gain in large amounts, but it shouldn’t be relied on for this, as excessive sugar consumption can negatively impact your overall health. Instead, turn to complex carbs from whole grain sources. Similarly, you should avoid harmful saturated and trans fats, which raise bad cholesterol levels and pose a threat to cardiovascular health. Unsaturated fats, such as those from olive or coconut oils, are much better for you and can provide significant amounts of calories as well.

Experience Healthy, Lasting Weight Gain with Nutrition Shakes from ENU

At ENU, our focus is on providing products that positively impact our customers’ health through well-rounded, easily accessible nutrition. Each ENU shake contains 20 grams of protein from whey and soy, carbs that come from whole grains like brown rice and quinoa, heart-healthy fats in the form of coconut and sunflower oils, and a blend of more than 20 vitamins and minerals. Learn more about all our products and how they can help you gain weight in a balanced, effective way by visiting us online or calling (855) 266-6733 today.

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