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Is It Normal to Have No Desire to Eat?

We all have days when we feel less hungry than usual. But if those days start to add up, that may mean that your desire to eat has really declined. Eating healthy foods is crucial to maintain wellness and support bodily functions. When that feels impossible due to a lack of appetite, what are you to do?

If you have no desire to eat, that can become a problem. A lack of appetite can prevent you from getting the nutrients you need for your health. No desire to eat can be caused by medical treatment and medications, stress, or underlying health issues. Though it’s common in those instances, it’s not necessarily normal. So, if you’ve noticed that your appetite has drastically decreased, it may be time to incorporate meal replacement shakes into your diet for additional nutrition.

At ENU, we formulate products for people experiencing a decreased desire to eat that results in unintentional weight loss. Our ENU Nutritional Shakes are fortified with the essential nutrients to help keep you well and manage hunger. If you have no desire to eat and need help, visit our website to purchase ENU Nutritional Shakes today.

Why Not Feeling Hungry Isn’t Normal

A severe lack of appetite isn’t something that you should ignore. If you don’t eat enough, you may not receive the proper nutrients for a well-rounded diet. But what are some of the causes of having no desire to eat?

Medical Treatment

People undergoing medical treatment may experience nausea that results in unintentional weight loss. Queasiness can make it hard to eat solid foods, causing you to feel like you’re not hungry. This can greatly reduce your desire to eat. However, if you’re undergoing medical treatment, getting sufficient nutrients may be more important than ever.

That’s where ENU Nutritional Shakes come in. Our meal replacement shakes can help you eat without being hard on the stomach. Fortified with four grams of medium-chain triglycerides per serving, our meal replacement shakes promote easy digestion for those experiencing nausea during medical treatment.


When your body needs fuel, it produces ghrelin, a hormone that signals to your brain that it’s time to eat. However, when you’re stressed, anxious, or distracted, you may not feel the effects of ghrelin. This can cause you to have no desire to eat, resulting in weight loss. That’s why you can forget to eat when you’re stressed: your body ignores the sensation of hunger because your brain is too focused on other things.

If you forget to eat because of stress, try setting reminders for yourself throughout the day. When you realize that it’s been a while since your last meal or snack, opt for convenient ENU Nutritional Shakes. Our meal replacement shakes can help you catch up on your calories for the day and provide you with that extra boost of energy you may have been missing.

Health Issues

It may be that underlying health issues are causing you to have no desire to eat. If you suspect that’s the case, it’s best to see a doctor. A medical professional can examine you and figure out what’s causing that lack of appetite. Both mental and physical illnesses fall under the umbrella of health issues; your decreased desire to eat could result from many things, from depression to a chronic medical condition.

Whatever the case, ENU Nutritional Shakes can help give you the nutrients you need when you’re not hungry. Our meal replacement shakes are small and compact. Each serving is only 8.5 fluid ounces, so you can get the nutrients of a healthy meal even if you’re not that hungry.

Using Meal Replacement Shakes to Help Your Desire to Eat

Not only can healthy meal replacement shakes offer the vital nutrients you need in a balanced diet, but they can also work to trigger your appetite. By incorporating ENU Nutritional Shakes into your daily routine, you can boost your metabolism, increasing your feelings of hunger.

ENU Nutritional Shakes contain 400 calories and 20 grams of protein per serving. They’re also fortified with 24 essential vitamins and minerals. Packed with nutrition, our meal replacement shakes can act as a substitute for large meals that you may not be hungry for. Better yet, they’re tasty, too. ENU Nutritional Shakes are available in Creamy Chocolate and Vanilla Cream, indulging your taste buds with delicious flavors.

If you’re still having trouble with a lack of desire to eat after incorporating meal replacement shakes into your diet, there are some other tricks you can use. Try eating more frequently throughout the day. Regular, smaller snacks can help trigger your desire to eat as opposed to larger meals. Exercise can be really beneficial, too. Working out burns fat and calories, which signals to your brain that you need more fuel.

When you add ENU Nutritional Shakes into your diet, you can receive a healthy dose of the three macronutrients essential to wellness. Our meal replacement shakes are reinforced with protein from whey; complex carbohydrates from brown rice, quinoa, and tapioca; and healthy fats derived from coconut and sunflower oils. You can use our ENU Nutritional Shakes as substitutes for large meals or as snacks when your appetite is lacking.

Remember, if you have no desire to eat, it’s important to speak with a medical professional. Your doctor can help you get the nutrients you need despite a lack of hunger with ENU Nutritional Shakes.

Use ENU Nutritional Shakes When You Have No Desire to Eat

ENU’s nourishing meal replacement shakes can help when you have no desire to eat. To purchase ENU Nutritional Shakes to help fulfill your nutritional needs and trigger hunger, visit our website today.

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