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Meal Replacement Shakes for Sensitive Stomachs

Having a sensitive stomach can make consuming solid foods difficult. If you experience sustained stomach sensitivity due to a larger medical problem, making sure you get vital calories and nutrients is important. That can be difficult to achieve with a sensitive stomach that responds negatively to food.

For people with sensitive stomachs, certain meal replacement shakes may help you get the nutrients you need. Sensitive stomachs can cause indigestion or nausea, making it difficult to eat solid foods. Supplementing with meal replacement shakes may help. If you have a sensitive stomach due to indigestion, gastrointestinal issues, medication, or other medical issues, speak with your doctor. They might recommend that you start supplementing with meal replacement shakes to provide you with the proper daily nutrients.

ENU makes products to help you get the vital nutrients you need. Our ENU Nutritional Shakes are made with hydrolyzed whey protein to aid in easy digestion for sensitive stomachs. If you’re having difficulty eating solid foods because of stomach sensitivity and nausea, consider adding ENU Nutritional Shakes to your diet. Speak with a doctor about incorporating meal replacement shakes and visit our website today for more information about ENU products.

Why Are Meal Replacement Shakes Good for Sensitive Stomachs?

Meal replacement shakes may be easier for people with sensitive stomachs to consume than solid foods. ENU Nutritional Shakes contain 100% hydrolyzed whey protein. Through the process of hydrolysis, whey protein is broken down, making it easier to digest. The protein used in ENU Nutritional Shakes is lactose-, gluten-, and soy-free.

Offered in vanilla and chocolate flavors, ENU Nutritional Shakes are made to help people get the nutrients they need. Whether your sensitive stomach is the result of gastrointestinal issues, digestive problems, or lack of appetite due to medical treatment, meal replacement shakes may be able to help. Containing 400 calories per 8.5 fluid ounces, ENU Nutritional Shakes can help provide you with the calories needed to maintain energy without consuming solid foods at every meal.

Hydrolyzed whey protein is free from lactose, gluten, and soy. For people sensitive to those substances, ENU Nutritional Shakes may be the right option. Our meal replacement shakes may be able to provide you the necessary nutrients without further upsetting your stomach. Speak with a doctor if you’re considering adding meal replacement shakes to your diet.

Should I Supplement with Meal Replacement Shakes for My Sensitive Stomach?

If your sensitive stomach prevents you from consuming solid foods, it may be time to start drinking meal replacement shakes more regularly. While solid foods are still important to provide you with a well-rounded diet, eating can be difficult for those with sensitive stomachs.

People with sensitive stomachs may notice that they’re unintentionally losing weight. Stomach sensitivity can result in nausea that prevents you from eating. Over time, stomach sensitivity may result in unintentional weight loss. If you’re experiencing a medical issue that causes stomach sensitivity, it may be especially important to maintain a healthy weight. Having a sensitive stomach can make that difficult.

Your doctor may recommend including meal replacement shakes in your diet if your sensitive stomach is affecting your nutrition. ENU Nutritional Shakes are made for those who are unintentionally underweight or lacking proper nutrition. We appreciate that it can be difficult for those with medical issues to regularly eat solid foods. If your doctor recommends it, adding meal replacement shakes to your diet may help you get the daily nutrients you need.

Benefits of Meal Replacement Shakes for Sensitive Stomachs

If you’re considering adding meal replacement shakes into your diet, it’s important to understand their benefits. ENU Nutritional Shakes are a good alternative to solid foods for those with sensitive stomachs and help aid in digestion and provide necessary calories. Being lactose-free, soy-free, and gluten-free, ENU Nutritional Shakes are an option for people with certain food allergies or sensitivities.

Easy Digestion

Not only can meal replacement shakes help people with sensitive stomachs get important daily nutrients, but they can also aid in digestion. ENU Nutritional Shakes contain four grams of medium-chain triglycerides, also known as MCTs. When taken at the appropriate dosage, MCTs can help aid in digestion. Because of their quick absorption properties, MCTs can help people with gastrointestinal problems digest substances more easily. Talk to your doctor about incorporating MCTs in your diet by way of ENU Nutritional Shakes. Doing so may aid in digestion and help your sensitive stomach.

Lactose, Soy, and Gluten-Free

Even without an allergy, some foods can be difficult to digest for people with stomach sensitivity. ENU Nutritional Shakes are lactose-, soy-, and gluten-free. If you have gastrointestinal issues or have a sensitive stomach due to medical treatment, meal replacement shakes may help. Being lactose-, soy-, and gluten-free makes ENU Nutritional Shakes suitable for people with those common allergies or people who have a sensitivity to those substances.

Packed with Calories and Nutrients

Meal replacement shakes can contain a high amount of calories and nutrients. Each ENU Nutritional Shake is 8.5 ounces yet has 400 calories per serving. In a small serving size, you can get about 20% of your daily calories. ENU Nutritional Shakes also contain 24 vitamins and minerals you may otherwise find in solid foods. This can help you get the nutrients you need without consuming solid food at each meal. For people with stomach sensitivity, meal replacement shakes can be beneficial.

ENU understands how important it is for people with stomach sensitivity to get the nutrients they need. Along with ENU Nutritional Shakes, we also offer Pro3+. Made for oncology and cystic fibrosis patients and those who have difficulty maintaining their weight, Pro3+ Nutritional Powder may be the answer for people with stomach sensitivity issues. If you’re considering supplementing meals or snacks with meal replacement shakes, talk to your doctor. They can advise you how to use our products if you have a sensitive stomach.

Supplement with ENU Nutritional Shakes for a Sensitive Stomach

If you have a sensitive stomach and need help getting nutrition, try ENU Nutritional Shakes and our Pro3+ Nutritional Powder. Visit our website today to shop ENU products.

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