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Taking a Stand Against Added Sugars: ENU® Nutritional Shakes

ENU Shakes help boost protein and calorie intake, without the nuisance of added sugar

Minneapolis, MN – January 28, 2015 — Sugar has been called the most addictive drug of our time, and one product category often overlooked regarding the amount of added sugar are ready-to-drink (RTD) nutrition shakes; however, doctors are now taking notice.

Just last year, the American Geriatrics Society issued new Choosing Wisely recommendations that called for the elderly to stop consuming widely available nutritional shakes as they are packed with added sugar and corn syrup, contain relatively low amounts of protein, and not enough quality ingredients. They referred to these products as ‘Liquid Candy Bars‘ and warned of potential gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms.

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ENU Helps Fuel Your Fight with More Protein and Less Sugar.

Convenient and quality sources of liquid nutrition are often used to supplement calorie and protein intake by people wanting to prevent undesired weight loss, and for athletes who require supplemental sources of nutrition due to increased energy requirements. To disrupt the ready-to-drink nutrition shake category, Trovita Health Science developed ENU.

Made with non-GMO ingredients, ENU is vastly different from other ready-to-drink, complete nutrition products on the market in that it provides more protein (25 grams), and more calories (nearly 500 calories per serving, enough for a true meal replacement) – all without using added sugar, corn syrup or carrageenan, which may potentially cause GI distress. Every ingredient in ENU was selected in collaboration with a team of doctors and dietitians.

Sandra Sotnick, a registered clinical dietitian at Mt. Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami, Florida noted, “ENU is a welcomed supplement for my patients who are trying to avoid a lot of sugar and artificial sweeteners. ENU is a high calorie, high protein liquid supplement that can be used between meals to help maintain or gain weight. The taste is less sweet compared to other brands which is preferred since some of my patients have an aversion to sweet tastes.”

Will Brown, CEO and co-founder of Trovita Health Science commented, “Despite the wide availability of nutritional shakes to supplement or replace normal dietary intake, dissatisfaction remained among both consumers and healthcare providers, and that led us to develop a healthier and better tasting choice. ENU is like no other product on the market today in that it delivers high-calorie, high-protein complete nutrition without relying on added sugar to deliver calories.”

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ENU is available in both chocolate and vanilla flavors and is sold individually or by the case, at either or at . ENU is also available at select retail locations, such as ShopRite® and select Whole Foods Market locations, and through major food distributors.  Retailers can inquire at if they would like to make ENU available to their customers.

About Trovita Health Science

Trovita Health Science is an emerging specialty health and nutrition company, dedicated to developing and commercializing products that address unmet needs in clinical and sports nutrition. Trovita is recognized for innovation in the adult nutrition category, and was named a Division Winner in the 2014 Minnesota Cup, while ENU was also selected as the 2014 CPG Editor’s Choice Award Winner for the best new innovation in weight management products.


William Brown, CEO


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