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Top Protein Shakes for Weight Gain

With so many options for protein shakes for weight gain available, where should you turn? There must be commonalities between the best options or certain characteristics that make one product stand above the rest. When you’re trying to reach your health goals, it’s important to know what makes a product one of the top protein shakes for weight gain.

The best protein shakes available are ones that offer additional nutrients, as well as healthy protein. To support healthy weight gain, opt for a protein shake that contains the other two macronutrients – fats and carbohydrates – in addition to protein. A shake with lots of energy-dense calories and little added sugar can promote weight gain, as well. Stay away from protein shakes that contain unfamiliar ingredients and offer false promises – these options will do little to help you achieve healthy weight gain.

At ENU, we strive to formulate protein shakes that help our clients reach their health goals. Our shakes contain whey protein, complex carbs, heart-healthy fats, and energy-dense calories to promote weight gain and overall health. To try ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight gain today, visit our website or call ENU at (855) 266-6733.

What’s in the Top Protein Shakes for Weight Gain?

If you’re unsure whether or not a protein shake is ideal for weight gain, there are a few telltale signs. Your protein shake should contain the three macronutrients and energy-dense calories to help you gain weight healthily. Shakes with empty calories and lots of added sugars are a definite no-go.

Natural Protein

The top protein shakes for weight gain should start with a base of healthy protein. When you want to gain weight safely, protein is your best friend. Without protein in your diet, the extra calories you consume are more likely to be stored as body fat. By eating lots of protein, calories can be distributed to your muscles instead. Paying attention to your muscle mass is important during your weight gain journey. You want to emphasize overall health instead of just focusing on gaining weight in whatever way you can.

Synthetic proteins can’t offer the same nutrition that natural sources can. ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight gain have 20 grams of 100% hydrolyzed whey protein per serving to promote safe weight gain. When choosing a protein shake to up your weight, opt for natural protein source instead of manufactured ones.

Complex Carbohydrates

Beyond providing additional protein, what else does your protein shake offer? To gain weight, it’s important to also increase your intake of complex carbohydrates. The top protein shakes for weight gain should also include a sufficient amount of complex carbs. However, it’s important to know the difference between complex carbs and simple carbs. Simple carbohydrates can’t give your body the energy it needs throughout the day and eating them can lead to unhealthy weight gain. On the contrary, complex carbohydrates are the body’s greatest source of energy.

While gaining weight, it’s important to stay active. Like ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight gain, protein shakes with additional carbohydrates can give your body that much needed energy boost. Carbs prevent you from being sluggish, so you don’t build up excess fat as you gain weight. Remember, complex carbs (like the ones derived from brown rice, quinoa, and tapioca in ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight gain) can help you reach your weight goal healthily.

Heart-Healthy Fats

Fats are one of the three macronutrients and are crucial to support your health. Protein shakes should contain a blend of heart-healthy fats to satiate you. When derived from coconut and sunflower oil sources, fats can offer your body the protection it needs when gaining weight. While heart-healthy fats don’t necessarily contribute to weight gain, they are still vital in protein shakes.

As you gain weight, your body needs to stay healthy. Excessive weight gain can cause medical problems. By opting for a protein shake with good fats, you can maintain your health as you gain weight. Remember, it’s important to always look for protein shakes that promote overall wellness instead of ones that only seek to address one component of your nutritional needs.

Energy-Dense Calories

Of course, extra calories are necessary for weight gain. The top protein shakes for weight gain should have the right number of calories per serving. Those calories shouldn’t just come from anywhere, though. Protein shakes with lots of empty calories won’t promote healthy weight gain. Instead, they’ll leave you tired and hungry. Empty calories won’t satiate you, which can cause you to snack on unhealthy foods. This can lead to quick, excessive weight gain.

So, where should the calories in your protein shake for weight gain come from? Nutrients. The calories in ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight gain are energy-dense and long-lasting. With 400 calories per serving, our protein shakes provide the extra calories you need per day to gain weight healthily. It’s recommended that you add 500 calories to your average number each day to see sustained weight gain. Protein shakes with the right number and type of calories can help you reach your goal.

Should I Use the Top Protein Shakes for Weight Gain?

Sometimes, it’s necessary to gain weight. People undergoing medical treatment, or those who experience conditions that make absorbing nutrients difficult, can require additional nutrients. Oncology and cystic fibrosis patients often have difficulty sustaining their weight, although they must. Regardless of your situation, protein shakes for weight gain can help you achieve a healthy balance.

If you need to gain weight, it’s best to do so in a sustained way. Generally, it’s healthiest to gain about 1-2 pounds per week, depending on your situation. Adding ENU Nutritional Shakes to your diet can help you easily achieve those extra calories. It can be difficult for people undergoing medical treatment to consume enough solid foods to meet their new calorie requirements. The top protein shakes for weight gain can be a great solution for people experiencing such difficulty.

Before using protein shakes for weight gain, talk to your doctor. A medical professional can advise you on incorporating protein shakes into your diet to support healthy weight gain.

Try Our Top Protein Shakes for Weight Gain Today

Gaining weight can be difficult to achieve healthily. Protein shakes can make that process much easier. To try our ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight gain, visit our website or call us today at (855) 266-6733.

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