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What Causes a Lack of Appetite in Seniors?

As we age, our bodies are constantly changing. These changes can sometimes take us by surprise and are not always easy to deal with. Older people and seniors have been known to experience a loss of appetite as they age. This might not seem like a huge problem at first, but without a healthy appetite, many seniors neglect their nutrition. Some people do not even realize that they are eating less because they simply are not hungry. Keep reading to learn more about appetite loss in seniors and how to make up for that lost nutrition from the people at ENU.

Common Reasons for Appetite Loss in Seniors

There are many different reasons a person loses their appetite as they get older. Many of these reasons have to do with aging and are experienced by many seniors. Even though losing your appetite as you age is relatively normal, it should not be brushed off as no big deal. Seniors can be more sensitive to changes in nutrition, and a lack of calories could leave them in an unhealthy condition.

Poor oral health can often lead to a loss of appetite among seniors. Many seniors experience a loss in salivation in their mouths, often due to a side effect from medication or other health conditions. This loss in salivation can make eating difficult or less enjoyable, and seniors sometimes report a drop in their appetite. Additionally, many seniors wear dentures, which can cause discomfort or difficulty chewing. This has also been associated with appetite loss.

As people grow older, their digestive systems are not as fast as they used to be. Seniors tend to digest their food more slowly, which means food remains in the stomach for a more extended period of time. Slower digestion can often cause seniors to lose their appetites because they have not fully digested their food.

Other causes of a loss in appetite in seniors are related to lifestyle. Many seniors are not very active. This lack of exercise can cause a loss of appetite because seniors are expending less energy. Similarly, a lack of everyday routine can lead to a loss of appetite. Eating at the same time each day is a good way to ensure caloric intake and prevent nutritional deficiencies.

ENU shakes are a great way to help seniors with low appetites get in the calories they need to live happy, healthy lives. If you or someone you know is experiencing a loss of appetite, consult with a doctor before beginning a new dietary plan.

Medical Conditions that May Cause Appetite Loss in Seniors

We tend to slow down as we age and our appetites are not exactly what they were when we were teenagers. For some, a loss of appetite is caused by health or medical conditions. Older people can be more susceptible to health problems, and a lack of appetite could be a sign of something more serious.

Older people tend to be more prone to things like heart disease, cancer, and other chronic illnesses. Many of these illnesses come with severe symptoms; among them is a loss in appetite. Without proper nutrition, it is more difficult for our bodies to recover from any illness. ENU shakes can help make up for the loss in nutrition while you speak to a doctor about your medical condition.

Sometimes a loss of appetite is not the result of a medical condition, but of the medications you need to treat your condition. Medications can come with all kinds of unfortunate side effects. Side effects like nausea and vomiting can make it harder for seniors to keep food down and lead to a loss of appetite. Other times medication suppresses the person’s appetite, and they must be more mindful of when and how much they are eating. A nutritional supplement like ENU shakes can help seniors get the calories and nutrition they need to live healthier.

Consequences of a Lack of Appetite in Seniors

A loss of appetite can have very serious consequences for seniors. People of any age should get the calories they need to live healthy and active lives, but older people can be significantly affected by a lack of proper nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies can cause all kinds of medical problems for any senior. Poor nutrition often leads to weight loss which many seniors have difficulty regaining.

Not only do seniors with a lack of proper nutrition often develop serious health issues, but they have a more challenging time bouncing back from these health issues. Nutrition is required for the body to recover from illness and infection. Without it, a person’s health problems may only get worse. Seniors with a low appetite and low caloric intake could experience a rapid health decline if they become ill.

Getting Nutrition from ENU Shakes When You Have No Appetite

Any health issues, like a loss in appetite, should be reported to a doctor immediately. Your physician can help you determine the cause of your health issues and figure out the best treatment for you. If you are experiencing a loss of appetite, talk to your doctor about adding meal replacement shakes from ENU to your diet. Shakes from ENU can help you make up for the loss of calories you might be experiencing.

ENU shakes can be used as a meal replacement or a supplement to your existing diet plan. People experiencing a loss of appetite may find it easier to drink a nutritional shake than eat a meal. Other people may benefit from drinking ENU shakes between meals to prevent them from falling behind on nutrition and calories.

ENU Shakes May Be Right for You

If you are a senior who has experienced a loss of appetite, ENU may be able to help you get the proper nutrition you need. Our shakes can be used as part of a healthy diet plan to help you stay active. Talk to your physician about supplementing your diet with meal replacement shakes from ENU. Call our team at (855) 266-6733 with any questions or concerns about adding our shakes to your diet.

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