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What Supplements Are Helpful in the Treatment of Sarcopenia?

Seniors with sarcopenia may notice that they’re slowly losing strength. As sarcopenia progresses, your muscles can atrophy, making any movements difficult. Learning how to treat sarcopenia with supplements can help seniors maintain their strength and independence.

Failing health can be frustrating for seniors. Certain nutritional supplements can help seniors delay and slow sarcopenia symptoms. Protein supplements, like powders and shakes, can give seniors the nutrition they need to prevent muscular atrophy from sarcopenia. Protein, specifically whey protein, is ideal for seniors with sarcopenia. By adding protein supplements to your diet, you can give your muscles the food they need to maintain mass as you age.

ENU’s protein supplements for seniors are formulated to provide the necessary nutrition to help treat sarcopenia. They’re made with whey protein and other nutrients seniors with sarcopenia need to thrive. To learn more about how ENU Nutritional Shakes and Pro3+ Nutritional Powder can help seniors with sarcopenia, visit our website today.

Can Supplements Help Treat Sarcopenia?

Sarcopenia is an age-related degenerative disorder. It is the breakdown of skeletal muscle mass that happens as the body ages. Sarcopenia is progressive and universal; everyone experiences it as they age. There are few treatments for sarcopenia, but supplements can help slow its effects.

Generally, symptoms of sarcopenia will begin to present themselves around age 75. Of course, some cases are more progressive than others. Some seniors can begin to notice signs of sarcopenia as early as 65. Some cases are more delayed. When you begin to see signs of sarcopenia will depend on your health and activity levels as you age.

Symptoms of sarcopenia include weakness and fatigue. Difficulty moving and doing daily tasks may indicate loss of muscle mass. If you notice symptoms of sarcopenia, speak to your doctor. A medical professional may advise you to take nutritional supplements to help treat your sarcopenia. When your body doesn’t have enough nutrients, it cannot properly support several bodily functions, including protein synthesis. The result is a slow loss of muscle and strength.

Certain nutritional supplements can help seniors maintain a healthy diet and delay sarcopenia’s effects. Seniors should pair nutritional supplements with diet and exercise for the best results. Protein is a crucial nutrient that may be lacking in your diet. Seniors can increase their protein intake to help treat sarcopenia.

Which Supplements Help Treat Sarcopenia?

Consuming protein in the form of nutritional supplements can help treat sarcopenia. Knowing how to properly do so is essential for seniors who want to maintain their strength and stamina as they age. You can add protein into your diet through nutritional supplements, like protein powder or protein shakes.

Protein Shakes

Certain protein shakes, like ENU Nutritional Shakes, can help slow muscular atrophy in seniors. Not only do these shakes have a considerable amount of protein per serving, but they also contain other nutrients that you may be deficient in. For example, our protein shakes have the right amount of complex carbs and heart-healthy fats that seniors need to maintain their energy levels. This can help you exercise more easily, which is important if you have sarcopenia.

Seniors can have difficulty getting the right number of calories to delay the effects of sarcopenia. If you’re dealing with progressive muscular atrophy, increasing your daily calorie intake can help. Diet plays a major role in sarcopenia progression, so addressing it with a healthy protein shake is beneficial for seniors.

Protein Powders

Nutritional supplements can take many forms, including powder. Instead of drastically altering their diets, seniors with sarcopenia can add Pro3+ Nutritional Powder to moist foods and beverages. Our protein powder for seniors is super soluble and tasteless. You take nutritional supplements to combat sarcopenia by adding a few scoops of Pro3+ to your meals throughout the day.

Adding a nutritious protein powder to your diet can help seniors with sarcopenia slow muscle loss and regain strength. Protein powder is a simple way to improve your diet without changing it too much.

How Do Protein Supplements Help Treat Sarcopenia?

Protein is a macronutrient, meaning it’s essential to any well-balanced diet. Protein has a special relationship with our muscles: it’s their food. Without protein, muscles are unable to grow or maintain their mass. Protein supplements, like powders and shakes, can contain the amino acids that promote protein synthesis and strength.

Protein is made up of amino acids. Complete proteins, like whey, contain all nine essential amino acids. Leucine is one of those. It has an unparalleled ability to promote protein synthesis and muscle growth. Whey has the highest leucine content of all protein substances, meaning it’s best for treating sarcopenia.

Protein supplements beneficial for seniors with sarcopenia, like ENU Nutritional Shakes and Pro3+, should contain whey protein specifically. Our supplements for seniors do, for a reason. Whey protein is easily digestible, allowing seniors to consume it without causing discomfort. It’s easily absorbed, so your body can begin to feel the positive effects quickly. When paired with light exercise, protein supplements can help treat sarcopenia in seniors.

Can You Use Supplements to Prevent Sarcopenia?

Unfortunately, sarcopenia happens to everyone at some point. But, the degree to which it happens can differ. When you start preparing for sarcopenia earlier, you can delay its symptoms.

As you age, it’s important to exercise and maintain a healthy diet regularly. You can prevent muscular atrophy, or sarcopenia, with regular movement and a high-protein diet. Not giving your muscles the chance to lose mass by intentionally maintaining your health can help you prevent sarcopenia.

Sarcopenia isn’t reversible, but you can delay it. Incorporating nutritious supplements, like ENU Nutritional Shakes and Pro3+, into your diet can help you maintain muscle mass as you age. While treating sarcopenia once it’s begun is possible with the right nutritional supplements, delaying it is also possible using the same tactics.

Try ENU’s Protein Supplements If You’re a Senior with Sarcopenia

You can treat your sarcopenia by regularly taking protein supplements and engaging in exercise. To purchase ENU Nutritional Shakes and Pro3+ Nutritional Powder if you’re a senior with sarcopenia, visit our website today.

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