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ENU Supports Good Nutritional Health. While battling chronic illnesses, including cancer, cystic fibrosis, eating disorders, and other unwanted weight loss, ENU delivers the nutrition you need to keep your body in fighting shape. ENU is a true high calorie, high protein meal replacement shake that tastes great and is easy to digest.

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ENU® Complete Nutrition Meal Replacement Shakes provide 340 calories, 17g of proteins, and substantially lower percentage of calories from a sugar source compared to Ensure Regular. That means ENU® offers a better overall value, and a better choice for real nutrition when you need it the most.

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Energy-Dense Meal Replacement Shakes

ENU can help you gain or maintain a healthy weight and keep your energy levels up, so you can fight stronger and harder. It is made from all-natural whey and soy protein and provides natural carbs from rice, tapioca, brown rice and quinoa.

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We’re so confident you’ll like our product, we’re offering an introductory trial 2-Pack for free - you just have to pay the shipping. Start drinking great tasting meal replacement shakes for gaining or maintaining your ideal weight!



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It’s the most important things I’ve done, and I firmly believe that it has been one of the leading factors to me regaining my health.
– Mary Reese


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