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In a society that expects people to do whatever it takes to lose weight and slim down, a lack of hunger can seem like a blessing. After all, there are plenty of people out there who struggle to control how much they eat in an effort to shed unwanted pounds, so why would someone worry about not having an appetite? The truth, however, is that a loss of appetite can represent a serious medical issue with far-reaching consequences, and the weight loss that might come with it is almost always detrimental to a person’s health. If you recently stopped feeling hungry the way you used to, it’s important to ask the question: “How do I get my appetite back?” To find out, keep reading as the experts at ENU – makers of nutrition shakes for weight management – discuss this topic at length.

Why Did I Lose My Appetite?

Treating a loss of appetite can be a tricky task for even the most seasoned medical professional, partly because there are many possible reasons for the issue. If you haven’t been feeling hungry lately and want to get your appetite back, it’s critical that you and your doctor work together to figure out the cause of the problem; only then can treatment commence. Although the list of potential causes is extensive, we’ve covered some of the most common ones below:


Whether young or old, everyone knows that aging comes with any number of biological changes that can cause problems in the body. Some of these issues are fairly minor – the growth of new hair in unexpected places, for instance – while others can represent a danger to a person’s health. One of the typical results of aging is a diminished appetite, which could be brought on by hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, and changes to a person’s sense of smell or taste. While many of these issues can’t be cured, there are often treatments or nutrition shakes for seniors available that can help an older adult get their appetite back.


The human body is an incredibly complex organism, one in which a single disruption to a system can lead to any number of conditions. This interconnectivity can make it tough to nail down the reason for a patient’s appetite loss, which could be the result of anything from the common cold to cancer. Of course, most people who just aren’t that hungry don’t have to worry about a serious illness, but if your lack of appetite is accompanied by symptoms like consistent vomiting, abdominal pain, or irregular urination, be sure to see your doctor right away.


When we take a drug prescribed by a doctor or sold at a pharmacy, we expect it to make us healthier, but many medications carry side effects that can be more than a little unpredictable. Someone taking an antibiotic, for instance, may have no trouble at all, while another person on the same medication might lose their appetite. More extensive treatments, such as chemotherapy, can have correspondingly greater effects, which is why nutritional support for chemo patients and others on powerful drugs is important.

Emotional Difficulties

No matter how strong a person may be, there are times when life takes an emotional toll. Extreme stress, grief over a personal loss, and the onset of even mild mental illness can all affect a persons’ ability and desire to eat. Anxiety, depression, and eating disorders like anorexia can all make you feel less hungry and make it difficult for you to get your appetite back. If you lost your appetite to do restrictions with eating or another eating disorder, our weight gain shakes for anorexia can help you gradually restore your appetite and gain weight.

How to Improve or Restore Your Appetite

Because the reasons for appetite loss are many and varied, it’s impossible to generalize about how to fix the problem, though there is one tip that can provide guidance to almost anyone facing this issue: find the cause and treat it. This may sound simplistic or counterintuitive, but treating your appetite loss directly is often a temporary fix; instead, it’s crucial that you determine why you’re not hungry and deal with that underlying condition, which should also bring your appetite back. Of course, this process is seldom easy, but if you take note of all your symptoms and explain to your doctor exactly what’s happening, they should be able to provide a diagnosis or refer you to someone specializing in your particular issue.

If your lack of appetite is a result of something unavoidable, such as the biological effects of aging, or of a treatment that you can’t simply stop, such as chemo, there are some lifestyle changes that should be able to provide some relief. One such change would be to add some exercise to your daily routine, even if it’s just a 20- or 30-minute walk each day. This increased activity can stimulate your appetite, and it will make you healthier overall, too.

Another option to help get your appetite back is to eat your meals in a social setting whenever possible. By dining with friends and family, you can make eating a more pleasant activity, which has been shown to increase a person’s food intake. If you still have trouble eating, however, it may be prudent to add easy-to-consume foods or drinks like nutrition shakes to your diet that can help you stay nourished, even without an appetite.

Try an ENU Meal Replacement Shake When You Lose Your Appetite

When you don’t feel hunger, it’s easy to forget that your body needs nourishment, and even when you do remember to eat, it can be tough to handle solid food without an appetite. That’s where ENU meal replacement shakes come in: They can add 400 calories to your diet, plus protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, and minerals – all the things your body needs – in a form that’s both tasty and convenient. Learn more about the benefits of ENU shakes and nutritional powders by visiting us online or calling (855) 266-6733 today.

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