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Get the High Protein, Complete Nutrition Your Body Needs to Power Through to Victory. ENU’s advanced protein blend optimizes protein absorption over a longer period of time to maximize muscle recovery.

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Compared to the Leading Nutrition Shake

ENU® Complete Nutrition Meal Replacement Shakes provide 340 calories, 17g of proteins, and substantially lower percentage of calories from a sugar source compared to Ensure Regular. That means ENU® offers a better overall value, and a better choice for real nutrition when you need it the most.

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Real Nutrition In Your Shake

An efficient blend of whey and non-GMO soy protein, ENU is perfect for naturally building muscle without any artificial sweeteners or chemical additives. It also provides natural carbs from rice, tapioca, brown rice and quinoa that will keep you going but won’t slow you down.

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We’re so confident you’ll like our product, we’re offering an introductory trial 2-Pack for free - you just have to pay the shipping. Start drinking great tasting meal replacement shakes for gaining or maintaining your ideal weight!



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ENU has been a tremendous asset to our program. It has helped to fill gaps in our athletes’ diets and allowed them to get much-needed calories. Before ENU, we had an issue with our athletes eating enough throughout the day, but with ENU we can take steps to eliminate their caloric deficit.
– Robert Stiner Jr., M.Ed., SCCC, Director of Strength and Conditioning, UCA


Ingredients for Athletes to Look for In Meal Replacement Shakes

So many products today claim to have miraculous effects for those living active lives that it can be difficult to sort the real from the fake; this is doubly true for athletes, many of whom rely on the food and drinks they put in their bodies to power them through...

5 Scary Sounding Food Additives You Don’t Need to Worry About

5 Scary Sounding Food Additives You Don’t Need to Worry About

Alissa Rumsey MS, RD, CDN, CSCS Not all food additives are created equal. While there are some potentially harmful ingredients in some food products, many food additives sound scarier than they are. These five food additives are frequently found in packaged food and...