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Real Customer

What was the issue (medical, wellness, etc.) that created the need to look for nutrition supplements?  

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 tongue cancer in May of 2015. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the Otolaryngology Department at Emory in Atlanta, Georgia where I had free flap tongue reconstruction and cancer removal in July of the same year. They were unable to remove all of the cancer, so I had thirty radiation treatments and six chemotherapy sessions. 

What caused the unintended weight loss?

These treatments, while lifesaving, wreaked havoc on my mouth, but I was determined NOT to have a stomach tube. I dropped from 175 pounds to 139 pounds but adding ENU to my very limited diet helped me avoid the stomach tube and gain much need weight. All of the above-mentioned treatments left me dysphagia, so the ENU has been a life saver. I use it as a stand-alone product and also add it to the high protein smoothies I make.

What motivated you to give ENU Shakes a try?

Our dear friend Gary Harris, from Lenoir, Tennessee recommended ENU immediately upon hearing about my cancer. Unfortunately, we lost Gary in 2017, but he was a huge advocate for your product and he always maintained that it added years to his life.

In your opinion has ENU helped you as you anticipated it would?

That would be a 100% YES. It provides me with low sugar nutrition and protein and has helped me gain weight. I now weigh approximately 158 pounds.

Would you recommend ENU Shakes?

My wife, LeeAnn Mitchell, literally stops people in grocery stores and recommends ENU. She also tells people who mention any sort of cancer, weight loss or dysphagia issues about ENU and provides them with the website address. Thanks for the coupons as this will inspire her even more to spread to word about ENU.

Jim Buonaccorsi

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