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Do Nutrition Shakes Contain Enough Calories for Healthy Weight Gain?

Trying to gain weight can be just as difficult as losing weight for some people. Whether because of an illness or behavioral issue, high levels of physical activity, or simply a strong genetic predisposition for thinness, people frequently make changes to their diets...

How Long Does It Take to Lose Weight with Meal Replacement Shakes?

Each person’s body is different, which means each person’s body loses and gains weight in different ways and at different rates. If you’re using meal replacement shakes to control calories in an attempt to lose weight, you may be wondering how long...

What Is a Healthy Rate of Weight Gain?

Nutritional shakes aren’t only for people trying to lose weight. They are often used by people trying to gain weight, whether as part of the recovery from a medical condition or to improve their sports performance and appearance. For people trying to gain...

How Many Calories Per Meal Do You Need to Gain Weight?

If you’ve recently been through cancer and/or chemo, suffer from an eating disorder, or experienced an illness that has led you to lose a large amount of weight rapidly, you may be exploring ways to gain the weight back permanently and healthfully. When...

Getting Nutrition During Chemotherapy: A Comprehensive Overview

Good nutrition is especially important for people with cancer. That is because the illness itself, as well as its treatments, may affect your appetite. Cancer and cancer treatments may also alter your body’s ability to tolerate certain foods and to use...

Can You Take Anything Over-the-Counter to Gain Weight?

Though much of the focus these days seems aimed at losing weight, there are plenty of people who have good reason to want to add pounds instead of subtracting them. A wide variety of health conditions can cause severe weight loss, leading to a host of complications...

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