Diet + Health Resources

Is It Possible to Get a Complete Meal in a Drink?

Finding an alternative to solid foods can be necessary for many reasons. Medical patients and those who want to manage their weight can substitute meals with nutritious shakes. For the best results, drinks need to have the right blend of nutrients to be considered a...

How to Induce Appetite

When you don’t have an appetite, you may not get the nutrients required to support wellness. Triggering hunger can seem hopeless, especially if it is a persistent issue. Learning how to induce appetite is necessary so you can maintain your health. There are many...

How Much Protein Does the Body Absorb at Once?

Protein is an essential macronutrient. Your body needs protein for countless processes, including muscle growth. Understanding how much protein your body can absorb at once and how to improve absorption can help you reach your health goals. The body has a special...

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