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What is the Best Diet for Cystic Fibrosis?

Learning to cope with the effects of cystic fibrosis can be very difficult for patients and their families, especially early on. Many of the lifestyle choices made by healthy individuals are not available to those with cystic fibrosis, whether they revolve around...

Does Cystic Fibrosis Make You Skinny?

For many people across the country, a thin physique is sought after as an ideal build, but for those who suffer from serious illnesses, simply being skinny can represent an acute health threat. In a healthy individual, the body has stores of energy and nutrients that...

Why Do Cystic Fibrosis Patients Need a High-Calorie Diet?

There are many illnesses that affect how a person’s system handles food, but few have as significant an impact as cystic fibrosis. This disease is well-known for its effects on patients’ weight, nutrition, and respiratory functions, and the combination of these...

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