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ENU delivers the nutrition your body needs, without the excess sugar in so many other products. The high protein in ENU’s advanced blend will leave you feeling full for a longer period of time, without the crash that may cause you to desire eating sooner than you intended.

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Compared to the Leading Nutrition Shake

ENU® Complete Nutrition Meal Replacement Shakes provide 340 calories, 17g of proteins, and substantially lower percentage of calories from a sugar source compared to Ensure Regular. That means ENU® offers a better overall value, and a better choice for real nutrition when you need it the most.

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Energy-Dense Meal Replacement Shakes

ENU delivers your body the essential proteins, fats and carbs that it needs to maintain an ideal weight, all from real food ingredients. Ready to grab on the way out the door, ENU is the perfect meal replacement option for an active lifestyle.

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Try it out for just $7.99!

We’re so confident you’ll like our product, we’re offering an introductory trial 2-Pack for just $7.99! Start drinking great tasting meal replacement shakes for gaining or maintaining your ideal weight!



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I found this helpful in weight loss. I’ve lost 15 lbs. utilizing this shake and calorie counting. I travel for my job and have found that this is a much better alternative to eating lunch on the go. As with anything though, your utilization of the shake will determine your end result. I’ve found nearly all the diet drinks out there are little more that 100+ calories, taste terrible, are unsatisfying, and I’m hungry within an hour or two. ENU drinks carry me a good 4-6 hours until my next meal.


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