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How Many Calories Should Be in a Shake for Weight Maintenance?

You’ve heard of shakes for weight loss or gain, but what about weight maintenance? Do you need a shake for that? Well, maintaining weight isn’t easy for everyone. But, to make sure the number on the scale stays the same, how many calories should be in your shake for weight maintenance?

Nutrient-dense shakes can be used to help you reach your health goals, including weight maintenance. After adding these shakes to your diet, it’s less about how many calories are in your shake but whether you properly maintain your average daily caloric intake after adding shakes to your diet. That being said, a shake with 300-500 calories can have a greater effect on your health. By taking up more caloric space with your shakes for weight maintenance, you can boost your daily nutrient consumption.

At ENU, we understand that feeling good on the inside is most important. Our ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight maintenance can help improve your nutritional intake, making you feel more energized and healthy. To try our ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight maintenance, visit our website or call ENU today at (855) 266-6733.

How Many Calories Should There Be in a Shake for Weight Maintenance?

Meal replacement shakes aren’t just a tool for weight loss or weight gain. Because they’re full of nutritious ingredients and energy-dense calories, many meal replacement shakes can help with weight maintenance. It can be hard to change your diet overnight, but drinking meal replacement shakes is an easy way to boost your nutritional intake while maintaining weight. Because weight management is based on your calorie intake, the number of calories in your shake matter.

Shakes for weight maintenance should have the same number of calories in an average meal or snack. If you’re reaching for a shake to manage your weight, it shouldn’t have too few calories. For example, ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight maintenance have 400 calories per serving. Not too many, not too few. You can use these shakes in place of an otherwise unhealthy snack to help maintain your weight. Sometimes, people use these shakes to replace an entire meal. Usually, people who do that want to lose weight. Because weight management shakes have 300 to 500 calories, only drinking them in place of meals might cause you to lose weight.

If your objective is to maintain your weight, you can do so with a meal replacement shake with sufficient calories. However, being in a calorie surplus or deficit can prevent you from achieving your goal. Adding too many calories to your diet can cause you to gain weight. Subtracting too many calories can cause you to lose weight. If you decide to use a meal replacement shake to manage your weight, keep track of your daily caloric intake. Adding these shakes to your diet shouldn’t alter the number of calories you eat per day. Instead, the nutritional benefits of weight maintenance shakes can help you manage your weight and make you feel more energized.

How Many Calories Should Be in My Shake for Weight Maintenance?

Not everyone wants to lose or gain weight. Sometimes, people want to improve their diet to better their nutrition rather than changing the number on the scale. Others, at the onset of illness, try to maintain their weight through medical treatment. Because weight maintenance shakes have sufficient calories, they can help you retain weight regardless of your circumstance. However, depending on your situation, you may need to consume more calories to maintain your weight.

It isn’t always easy to eat healthily. In your busy life, you don’t always have time to prepare nutritious meals. Sometimes, that can begin to take a toll on your health. To avoid that, you can start drinking shakes for weight maintenance. Adding these shakes to your diet can help you get the nutrients you need more conveniently. For example, for weight maintenance, ENU Nutritional Shakes have 400 calories and 20 grams of whey protein per serving. They’re fortified with 24 essential vitamins and minerals and contain sufficient complex carbs and heart-healthy fats. Shakes for weight management are a great alternative to an otherwise unhealthy snack. While keeping your daily caloric intake the same, you can improve your nutrition.

Some medical treatments can have a profound effect on a patient’s weight. For example, oncology patients can experience severe nausea and a lack of appetite, causing them to lose weight. Unfortunately, weight loss in those circumstances can harm a patient’s health. Before unintentional weight loss happens, you can start drinking shakes for weight maintenance. Now, in this case, you might have to start consuming more calories. That’s because you’re combatting unintentional weight loss. The goal, however, is the same; maintaining your weight.

Ask a medical professional if you’re unsure about how many calories should be in your shake for weight maintenance. Your doctor can help you understand how to best manage and maintain your weight with nutritious shakes, depending on your situation.

Can Shakes for Weight Maintenance Have the Wrong Number of Calories?

Generally, shakes for weight maintenance should have a substantial number of calories, between 300 and 500. Otherwise, it’s not likely your shake of choice will have the right ingredients. The purpose of a weight maintenance shake is to offer enough calories and nutrients to replace an otherwise unhealthy meal or snack. That means entirely replace, not partially. Unlike shakes for weight loss or weight gain, weight maintenance shakes try to match your average daily calories exactly, just with better ingredients.

While you can replace only, say, 100 calories per day with a shake for weight maintenance, that might not help you manage your weight. If you replace 1,000 calories per day with a shake, that’s also not a good idea. Aim for a middle ground, around 400 calories per day, with ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight maintenance. That leaves you enough calories to eat solids, which is still important.

In many cases, the efficacy of shakes for weight maintenance depends on how responsibly you use them. If you don’t drink them correctly, you can risk gaining or losing weight. To get on the right path, keep a log of how many calories you usually eat each day. Then, replace a portion with a shake for weight management.

Try ENU Nutritional Shakes for Weight Maintenance Today

You can manage your weight and boost your nutrition by adding the right shake for weight maintenance to your daily diet. Visit ENU’s website to buy ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight maintenance, or call us today at (855) 266-6733.

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