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Healthy Drinks to Help You Gain Weight

Though there is often less sympathy for these individuals, those looking to gain weight can have just as difficult of a time as those who want to lose it. Whether they’re looking to build mass for the sake of their body image, or they want to gain weight for...

Ingredients for Athletes to Look for In Meal Replacement Shakes

So many products today claim to have miraculous effects for those living active lives that it can be difficult to sort the real from the fake; this is doubly true for athletes, many of whom rely on the food and drinks they put in their bodies to power them through...

Can You Replace Lunch or a Meal with Nutritional Shakes?

Nutritional shakes are popular because of their nutrient density, taste, and convenience. They are frequently incorporated into the everyday diets of those trying to meet certain health and fitness goals, but is it possible to only replace some meals...

“Without ENU, I am not sure she’d still be with me.”

This testimonial is by ENU meal replacement shake consumer Elizabeth Ripley, who sought out a product to combat her mother’s severe weight loss after an aortic aneurism.   What was the issue (medical, wellness, etc.) that created the need to look for...

What Is a Healthy Rate of Weight Loss?

Some overweight people can reap many health benefits from losing weight. Lower weight can result in a lowered risk of osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, immune dysfunction, diabetes, and heart disease. More importantly, weight loss for overweight individuals can result in...

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