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What is the Best Drink for Nutrition?

At times, nutrition can seem like an arcane topic, impossible for any but the enlightened to understand. And yet, despite frequent changes in nutritional guidelines and shifts in dietary trends, the foundation of a healthy diet is the same as it’s always been:...

Are Protein Shakes Good for Weight Gain During Chemotherapy?

While vital to the treatment of cancer, chemotherapy can have serious side effects for people receiving it, including weight loss, loss of appetite, loss of taste and smell, nausea, mouth sores, dry mouth, chronic pain, and hair and nail problems. Of all of the side...

What Nutritional Supplements Are Good for Fighting Cancer?

Coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming, especially when you consider the many side effects and medical expenses that are sure to follow. However, healthy, nutrition-based options can offer some relief and support to these patients through the...

Which Protein is Best for Women’s Weight Loss?

For anyone who likes to stay active or wants to lose weight, protein should be treated as an essential part of your diet. This key macronutrient – one of three, along with fats and carbohydrates – plays a number of roles in the body that can aid both men...

Are Protein Shakes Bad for Your Kidneys?

Protein shakes have become a beloved dietary staple for everyone from bodybuilders and professional athletes to teenagers and weekend warriors. This diverse customer base has led to a wide variety of shakes, powders, and other forms of protein supplements, but with...

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