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How to Gain Healthy Weight After Chemotherapy Treatments

One of the more dangerous but less discussed effects of battling cancer is that it often causes people to lose significant amounts of weight. In fact, the American Society of Clinical Oncology has reported that about 40 percent of patients who were recently diagnosed...

Ingredients That Make Meal Replacement Shakes Taste Delicious

Meal replacement shakes can be an excellent source of nutrition on the go and an effective tool for weight management. When substituted for one or two meals or used as an appetite-killing snack in the middle of the day, a shake can help you limit your calorie intake....

Meal Replacement Shakes Can Help Cancer Patients Gain Weight

The idea that cancer patients face a whole host of concerns in the midst of their illness is hardly a revelation. Not only is the disease itself painful and taxing, but so too are the corresponding treatments. Chemotherapy and radiation can cause any number of side...

Can Your Diet Contain a Mix of Meal Replacement Shakes and Real Food?

Anyone looking online for diet ideas has likely been overwhelmed by the myriad options available. Fads like the Atkins diet, the paleo diet, and the zone diet all make claims about how they can deliver the desired effects if you simply follow their very specific rules...

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