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Most children get enough protein from a well-balanced diet. For some children, protein shakes are needed to supplement a lack of protein in their diet. If your child is underweight, has dietary restrictions that affect their protein intake, or has a medical condition, protein shakes may be the answer.

If your child needs protein supplements to have a well-rounded diet, adding protein shakes can help. It is important to check with your child’s pediatrician before starting them on protein shakes regularly, as too much protein in a child’s diet can cause damage. For children between the ages of 4-8, only 19 grams of protein is needed per day. Beyond that, children aged 9-13 require 34 grams per day. Suppose your child does not get the recommended amount of protein in their diet, cannot metabolize it properly, or is underweight. In that case, protein shakes will allow you to closely monitor their protein intake and ensure it is at a healthy amount.

Each ENU Nutritional Shake has 20 grams of protein and has 24 important vitamins and minerals. If 20 grams of protein per day is too much for your child, ENU also offers Pro3+ Nutritional Powder with 2 grams of protein per 8.6-gram scoop. That amount per scoop allows parents to closely monitor their child’s protein intake without going over the recommended amount per day. Visit our website to purchase the ENU Pro3+ Nutritional Powder or the ENU Nutritional Shakes for your child.

When Your Kid May Need Protein Shakes

If your child is relatively healthy and without obvious barriers to protein intake, they will most likely not need to incorporate protein shakes into their diet. However, if your child is underweight, has dietary restrictions, or has a medical condition that warrants additional protein, protein shakes are likely the answer. Children who are severely deficient in protein can experience stunted growth, weight loss, and general decay of health so it is important to ensure they get the appropriate amount of protein per day for their health.

Underweight Children

When consumed in excess, protein causes weight gain. If your child is underweight, their pediatrician may recommend that they begin drinking protein shakes. When making protein shakes for your underweight child, adding additional calories will aid in weight gain. Adding healthy fats that are high in calories to protein shakes will help your child healthily gain weight. When making protein shakes for your child with the ENU Pro3+ Nutritional Powder, refrain from adding large amounts of sugar to keep the shake healthy. ENU Nutritional Shakes have 400 calories per shake and 20 grams of protein, which makes them an alternative to protein shakes mixed from powder.

ENU Pro3+ Nutritional Powder is ideal for children unable to reach a healthy weight or those with eating disorders. It is a protein supplement that has healthy fats and carbohydrates and promotes muscle synthesis. When making protein shakes with Pro3+, take into account the amount of protein in the additional ingredients. Doing so will allow you to closely monitor your child’s protein intake as outlined by their pediatrician.

Medical Issues

If your child requires extra protein in their diet for medical reasons, a protein shake made with ENU Pro3+ is ideal. Made with cystic fibrosis and oncology patients in mind, Pro3+ will help your child get nutrients they need with ease. The Pro3+ Nutritional Powder not only contains protein but L-Leucine, which promotes muscle health.

Pro3+ is undetectable once dissolved in drinks, making it the perfect powder for protein shakes. On top of being 400 calories a shake, ENU Nutritional Shakes are made with 4 grams of MCT, which promotes easy digestion. If your child is experiencing medical difficulties, the premade ENU Nutritional Shakes are made for those who are involuntarily underweight and need nutrition.

Dietary Restrictions

Due to allergies or diet preferences, children with dietary restrictions may not get the protein they need in a day. Children who are vegan or vegetarian are unlikely to consume enough protein daily. Protein aids in a child’s growth and should not be ignored at a young age. ENU Nutritional Shakes or the Pro3+ Nutritional Powder may be the answer for children with allergies or dietary restrictions as they are lactose-free and gluten-free. Using ENU products, parents can closely monitor their child’s protein intake and ensure they reach their daily goal without changing their child’s diet.

Possible Dangers of Protein Shakes for Kids

Often, children do not require a high daily protein intake unless for medical reasons. Too much protein in your child’s diet can cause unintended results, such as weight gain, even if your child is active. Excess protein makes it more difficult for children to burn off the calories they consume, which can cause unwanted weight gain in children who are not deficient in protein.

If your child consumes too much protein after adding protein powder to their diet, it can increase their risk for kidney stones, nausea, stomach problems, and dehydration. Consulting your child’s pediatrician is necessary before adding protein shakes to their diet.

Remember, small children only need between 13-19 grams of protein per day. They will most likely get that from a healthy diet, so, in most cases, there is no need to add protein shakes to your child’s diet unless there is a serious medical need to do so.

Try Pro3+ Nutritional Powder and Nutritional Shakes for Your Child

If your child is not getting enough protein in their diet, ENU Pro3+ Nutritional Powder and Nutritional Shakes will boost your child’s protein intake while providing them with additional nutrients and calories. Visit our website to find the Pro3+ Nutritional Powder and ENU Nutritional Shakes for your child.

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