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How Long Does It Take to Digest a Protein Shake?

Many people have joined and keep joining the healthy lifestyle bandwagon. With so much buzz behind having a balanced lifestyle and exercise regime, people look for the best alternative to achieve their fitness goals. One of the most convenient ways to have a nutritious, balanced meal without having to prepare it is to have a meal replacement shake. How can a meal replacement shake help your body as part of your medical nutrition or sports nutrition, and how long does it takes the body to digest it?

Each protein shake takes different lengths of time for the body to digest. That’s because protein substances themselves differ in digestion time. Out of all protein options, shakes made with whey protein are the easiest and quickest to digest because of the substance’s high concentration of amino acids. ENU Nutritional Shakes are made with whey protein and contain MCTs, which promote digestion. This quality makes whey protein best for digestion and for those with sensitive stomachs. Protein shakes should promote overall health, not inhibit digestion or cause gastrointestinal discomfort. That’s why it’s important to find a protein shake that is compatible with your body’s needs.

ENU creates products catered to health and wellness. Our ENU Nutritional Shakes are made from hydrolyzed whey protein and are packed with vitamins, minerals, and other essential macronutrients. For an easily digestible protein shake option, visit our website to buy ENU Nutritional Shakes today.

How Long to Digest Protein Shakes?

Proteins are one of the most essential nutrients used by the body. These nutrients are used in the process of muscle reconstruction, muscle gain, and cellular reconstruction. Proteins are made of amino acids, which are protein’s basic building blocks. In short, a protein is a large molecule made out of amino acids. According to The U.S. National Library of Medicine, proteins are critical for the body’s tissue and organ structure, function, and regulation.

However, how long and how much protein can our bodies digest? Protein digestion takes more than just eating protein-rich foods and letting the body deconstruct it. The complete absorption, break-down, and use-of-protein process may be surprisingly complex. However, we’ll simplify protein absorption to make it easy to understand.

There is an enzyme found in the stomach which is responsible for making protein digestion possible. This enzyme is called pepsin. Pepsin helps to digest protein by breaking it down and making it possible for the small intestine to keep breaking protein down so it can be absorbed and transported by our body’s bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, different organs within our bodies take advantage of the nutrients provided by protein, allowing them to work correctly.

Fortunately, our bodies can digest protein in liquid form. This allows people to ingest meal replacement shakes or protein shakes which can enable them to feed their bodies with the right amount of daily proteins. However, there is a catch. The protein digestion process for liquid protein takes approximately one and a half hours, at which time, our bodies can absorb up to 10 grams of protein, such as whey protein.

For instance, if you ingest 40 grams of whey protein, it would take up to 4 or more hours for the body to absorb most of it. The rate at which our bodies digest whey protein would make it extremely difficult for it to absorb large amounts of protein in one take. Therefore, you’d be eliminating more protein than you’d be using. This fact makes it essential for you to select the type of protein shake that allows you to absorb the protein you need within the 1.5-hour time frame.

Slow Digesting Shakes Vs. Fast Digesting Shakes

With so many people trying to look and feel better, there’s been debate as to what type of protein is best to obtain the results they expect. To understand which protein may be better for you we need to discuss the differences between the two most famous types of proteins: casein and whey. These two types of proteins are excellent sources of digestible protein in the market. But how do they compare and which one is best for you?

Fast Digestion

Whey protein is highly soluble, which allows for faster absorption. This is why many athletes and fitness enthusiasts use this type of protein before, during, or after their training sessions. The only drawback of whey protein is that it lasts just a couple of hours in the body after ingestion. However, each ENU Nutritional Shake contains 20 grams of whey protein per serving, with four grams of MCTs to promote digestion. Because whey protein is more easily digestible, athletes can drink an ENU Nutritional Shake before a workout to immediately get the energy they need. The fast-acting qualities of whey protein make it ideal for people with sensitive stomachs, as it is quickly absorbed without causing distress and discomfort.

Whey protein also has the highest concentration of leucine. An essential amino acid, leucine promotes muscle synthesis and works to repair muscles after exercise. It reduces recovery time, increases endurance, and is a vital component of any athlete’s diet. Leucine can also improve processes in the gastrointestinal tract, aiding overall digestion.

Slow Digestion

Casein, on the other hand, is a slow release, slow digestion protein. Unlike its whey counterpart, casein is not as soluble. Therefore, the rate at which the body breaks it down and absorbs it takes longer. This type of protein lacks the immediate effects of whey protein. However, it provides a more sustained source of protein in the long run. That being said, casein can cause gastrointestinal discomfort when consumed in excess.

Choosing the right protein that best suits your needs depends on the specific circumstances surrounding your dietary goals or fitness goals. If you have a sensitive stomach, have digestion issues, or simply want a quick boost of energy before your workout, whey protein may be the best choice for you. Make sure to always talk to your treating physician or your dietitian to learn whether you should include protein shakes as part of your dietary plan.

ENU Nutritional Shakes for Quick and Easy Digestion

The faster a protein shake is digested and its contents are absorbed, the quicker it can affect your body. A fast-acting protein shake can provide your body with the energy it needs before a workout, or it can immediately begin to help repair your muscles following one. ENU Nutritional Shakes are formulated to promote fast digestion without being hard on the stomach.

Whey protein is the easiest protein substance to digest because of its high concentration of amino acids. Each ENU Nutritional Shake has four additional grams of MCTs – medium-chain triglycerides – per serving. MCTs are easily absorbed and support digestion in your gut. Because ENU Nutritional Shakes offer MCTs in addition to whey protein, they’re ideal for quick digestion.

An easily digestible protein shake doesn’t just give you a boost in the gym if timed correctly; it can also be beneficial for people with sensitive stomachs due to medical treatment. Treatment can cause nausea and other illnesses, making it difficult to eat solid foods without getting queasy. ENU Nutritional Shakes are easy on the stomach, making them optimal for people with sensitive stomachs from medical treatment. They can help give you the nutrients you need in a meal without solid foods.

In addition to containing whey protein and MCTs, ENU Nutritional Shakes have other qualities that may aid in digestion:


Though you may not be gluten-intolerant, your stomach might still have difficulty digesting gluten. Regardless of sensitivity, gluten can cause inflammation and take a long time for the body to digest. This can inhibit the absorption of the other properties of your protein shake.

ENU Nutritional Shakes are gluten-free, so they’re accessible to all of our customers. Gluten allergies are common, but having one shouldn’t stop you from getting the protein and energy you need.


Many protein shakes contain high levels of sugar to mimic the energy boost provided by healthier ingredients. Unfortunately, that energy won’t last long. Protein shakes with a bunch of sugar can cause a “crash,” resulting in nausea or an upset stomach. Sugar can irritate your gut, increasing digestion time and causing discomfort.

Our ENU Nutritional Shakes are sugar-free to avoid just that. There’s no need for your protein shake to contain high amounts of sugar. If it does, it may not be as healthy as you think.


Lactose is the sugar substance in dairy products. As people age, lactase, the enzyme that works to break down those sugars, decreases in the body. This can increase sensitivity to lactose, making it more difficult to digest. Generally, dairy products containing lactose can cause bloating, discomfort, and digestive issues.

The whey protein in ENU Nutritional Shakes is lactose-free, meaning that the lactose once in it has been removed. This makes it viable for people who are lactose intolerant or sensitive. Lactose-free protein shakes can be easier on the stomach, making them quicker to digest.

If you’re considering using protein shakes to supplement nutrients while undergoing medical treatment, speak with your doctor. A medical professional can advise you on the best ways to incorporate protein shakes into your diet to help your sensitive stomach.

Meal Replacement Shakes Providing an Excellent Source of Protein

At ENU, we understand the importance of a balanced, nutritious diet. That is why we dedicate ourselves to providing nothing but high-quality, protein-rich meal replacement shakes to help you get the nutrition you need. Whether you are trying to build muscle, gain some weight, or shed some pounds, our weight management shakes can help you achieve your goals. Our proprietary blend of ultra-purified whey protein isolate and the combination of minerals, carbs, and vitamins makes ENU Nutritional Shakes an excellent source of nutrition.

Our ENU Nutritional Shakes are not only easily digestible but can act as meal replacements. Each shake is prepackaged, making them optimal for an on-the-go lifestyle. Packed with 400 calories per serving, ENU Nutritional Shakes can be used as a snack or a meal in a pinch.

Using protein shakes to supplement a meal may be done for various reasons. Maybe you want to lose weight or prevent yourself from snacking, or maybe you have trouble eating solid foods because of medical treatment. Whatever the case, ENU Nutritional Shakes are formulated to contain the proper nutrients for a balanced meal. With the three key macronutrients – fats, carbs, and protein – ENU Nutritional Shakes can be used to supplement a meal when necessary.

If you’re considering using protein shakes as a meal replacement, it’s best to speak with a doctor. A medical professional can help you understand the right ways to do so without causing an unhealthy calorie deficit.

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