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Should You Eat Whey If You Are Lactose Intolerant?

Being lactose intolerant means you can’t eat various milk products without feeling uncomfortable. But what about whey? Should you eat whey if you are lactose intolerant? Can you?

There are essentially two different types of whey protein: concentrate and isolate. Whey concentrate isn’t processed, so the sugars in milk remain. These sugars, lactose, are what you can’t have. On the other hand, whey isolate is great for people who are lactose intolerant. The lactose is removed, so you can enjoy the benefits of whey without feeling stomach pain. There are lactose-free whey protein shakes that you can drink any time to boost your nutritional intake if you’re lactose intolerant.

ENU cares about offering nutrition to everyone. That’s why our whey protein shakes are lactose-free and highly nutritious. If you’re lactose-intolerant, visit our website to purchase our lactose-free ENU Nutritional Shakes today.

What Does It Mean If You Are Lactose Intolerant?

People who are lactose intolerant may know that digesting milk products is difficult. In some cases, people can develop an intolerance to lactose throughout their lives or simply notice it later on.

Lactose intolerance isn’t an allergy to milk, necessarily. People who are lactose intolerant cannot digest lactose specifically, which is the sugar found in milk. If you do consume lactose, you may notice discomfort and stomach pain. This normally happens because a person is deficient in lactase, the enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose.

Not everyone who is lactose intolerant is born that way. Certain medical issues or diseases can cause a person to become lactose intolerant at any age. If you suddenly become lactose intolerant, you may wonder if some of your favorite things, like whey protein, are still on the menu.

Can You Eat Whey If You Are Lactose Intolerant?

Whey is made almost as a byproduct of other milk products. It’s the stuff leftover. While that might not sound appetizing, whey protein is actually very good for you. But, because it’s so closely associated with milk products, it’s normal to wonder if you can eat whey if you are lactose intolerant.


Whey concentrate may not always be safe to eat for people who are lactose intolerant. After the whey is created, the liquid gets dried into a powder that is rich in protein. Not much else is done to it. Because of that, whey concentrate can still have lactose in it. That can make whey concentrate difficult for lactose-intolerant people to digest.

Whey protein concentrate is about 80% protein. The remaining 20% is carbs, fats, and lactose. While it has a very high amount of protein, whey protein concentrate can cause discomfort in lactose-intolerant people. So, you probably shouldn’t eat whey protein concentrate if you’re lactose intolerant.


Whey isolate is lactose-free. After the whey is collected, it is processed to remove any excess sugars. This process results in more protein per serving and less lactose. Whey isolate can be completely lactose-free, making it ideal for anyone who has difficulty digesting lactose.

If you want to eat whey protein because you want to benefit from it, reach for products made with whey isolate, like ENU Nutritional Shakes. Shakes made with whey isolate are easily digestible, even if you are lactose intolerant.

Is It Good to Eat Whey If You Are Lactose Intolerant?

Being lactose intolerant can prevent you from enjoying many nutritious meals. Incorporating whey isolate into your diet can provide the daily protein you may be missing. Not only that, but whey isolate is easily digestible for anyone, including lactose-intolerant people.

Whey protein is highly nutritious. Adding it into your diet is often wise, regardless of your dietary restrictions. Whey is a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids. Although whey isolate is processed to remove lactose, it doesn’t lose any amino acids. In fact, it actually increases in protein per serving. Whey isolate is about 90% protein, making it an ideal ingredient in protein shakes such as ENU Nutritional Shakes.

In addition, whey protein is the fastest absorbing protein available. It’s also super easy to digest, even for lactose-intolerant people. It takes about an hour to digest 10 grams of whey protein; other proteins can take much longer to digest. That means your body can benefit from whey protein faster.

If you are lactose intolerant, you can benefit from eating certain whey proteins. Not only is it nutritious, but whey isolate won’t cause you discomfort or stomach pain after eating.

How Can You Eat Whey If You Are Lactose Intolerant?

You can’t really eat whey. Well, you could, but you’d be drinking a less-than-appetizing liquid. No, the best way to consume whey is through protein shakes. Lactose intolerant people can get the whey isolate they need by drinking lactose-free protein shakes.

When looking for a whey protein shake, be sure it’s lactose-free like ENU Nutritional Shakes. Remember, not all whey protein is lactose-free. Protein shakes with whey should clearly indicate whether or not they contain lactose.

Once you’ve found a suitable lactose-free whey protein shake, start sipping. You can drink protein shakes as a meal replacement or to add nutrition to your diet. They’re great for a pre-workout boost or to feed your muscles after an exercise.

If you’re a lactose-free athlete, whey isolate protein products can be your best friend. While they’re lactose-free, shakes like ENU Nutritional Shakes contain the necessary amino acids to spur muscle growth and reduce recovery time.

It’s convenient and tasty to get your whey protein via a lactose-free protein shake. If you’re lactose intolerant, you can still benefit from the nutritional value of whey protein by finding the right shake.

Try Our Lactose-Free Whey Protein Shakes Today

Being lactose intolerant shouldn’t prevent you from getting the whey protein your body needs. Visit our website to purchase lactose-free ENU Nutritional Shakes with whey protein today.

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