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What Are the Benefits of an Organic Protein Powder?

Protein powders are hugely popular. From workout enthusiasts who want to build muscle to medical patients who need additional nutrients, protein powder is often the solution. For people using protein powder to supplement nutrition, knowing the extra benefits of organic protein powder is important. Though ‘organic’ sounds like a buzzword, it really can be healthier and offer additional benefits. And yes, your protein powder can be organic too.

Like most foods, organic protein powder may be the healthiest option, and it has other benefits, too. Organic protein powder is soluble in moist foods and beverages, making it easy to incorporate into your daily life. It can be used for a quick meal replacement shake in a pinch, and is easily digestible. Organic protein powder isn’t harsh on your stomach, making it ideal for those experiencing medical treatment. Packed with nutrients, organic protein powder can provide you with the nutrients you need, making it an easier option for people who may be tired and unable to cook due to medical treatment.

ENU appreciates the importance of providing healthy, beneficial products for our customers. Our Pro 3+ Nutritional Powder is made for cystic fibrosis and oncology patients and others in need of nutrition. Pro 3+ promotes muscle growth and strength, helping to support nutrition in patients. Visit our website today to purchase Pro 3+ Nutritional Powder or our ENU Nutritional Shakes.

Benefits of an Organic Protein Powder

When searching for a protein powder, an organic option may be the best choice. Organic protein powders offer benefits, apart from being nutritious. They’re super soluble, can be used to make meal replacement shakes, and are easily digestible. These added benefits of organic protein powder make it ideal for all people, from athletes to those with medical conditions. Regardless of your reasoning for incorporating protein powder into your diet, you can do it easily with organic protein powder, Pro 3+.

Water Soluble

Organic protein powders like Pro 3+ are soluble in foods and beverages. Organic hydrolyzed whey protein is water-soluble, making it easy to incorporate into your meals and drinks. Flavorless, Pro 3+ Nutritional Powder can be undetectable. That benefit makes it ideal for those who experience taste fatigue due to medical treatment. A protein powder of lesser quality may be harder to dissolve. ENU’s organic Pro 3+ Nutritional Powder is soluble in your foods, making it easy to consume regardless of what you add it to.

Suitable Meal Replacement

Our organic protein powder is packed with nutrients, making it a viable meal replacement option. Making a meal replacement shake at home requires the right ingredients. Pro 3+ has nutritious whey protein that adds extra calories to your diet. Using it to make a meal replacement shake can be helpful in a pinch, providing you with the nutrients you need for a well-rounded meal. Because it’s so nutritious, you can use organic protein powder to supplement meals for people who may be too tired to buy groceries or cook due to medical treatment.

Easily Digestible

Organic protein powder is easily digestible, making it ideal for those with sensitive stomachs. ENU’s Pro 3+ Nutritional Powder is made of whey protein. Whey protein powder is the most digestible protein substance. This added benefit makes organic protein powder ideal for all types of people. Organic protein powder is easy to digest for everyone, from athletes to those who may be ill due to medical treatment.

What Does an Organic Protein Powder Mean?

Qualifying a product as organic isn’t a simple process. To do so, you have to prove that you did not genetically modify your product at any point during production. That means that the ground in which a plant grew, or the grass a cow fed on before producing milk, must be organic.

Organic products are non-GMO. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are created, not found in nature. GMOs may contain harmful chemicals, allergens, and carcinogens. Chemicals and pesticides may be used to prevent animals and insects from consuming plants. For a product to be considered organic, companies cannot use GMOs at any point during the production process. Inspections must occur to validate organic products. In addition to aiding health, organic products also help peace of mind. Knowing where your protein powder comes from can help you feel safer. If your protein powder is organic, that means that it passed the USDA requirements to be labeled as such. No chemicals, pesticides, or carcinogens were used in production. Organic products are safer and offer transparency in production.

Organic protein powders like Pro 3+ are also gluten-free, soy-free, and lactose-free. Such a quality makes organic protein powders an optimal choice. Not all organic products are gluten-free, but organic protein powders are. Why? Because there is no need to include gluten in a protein powder. Gluten can cause bloating, even for those who aren’t gluten-intolerant. Excluding it from organic protein powders allows people with sensitive stomachs or gluten allergies to safely consume protein powder. Including gluten in a protein powder may cause a sense of fullness without getting the proper nutrients.

For oncology patients and others using protein powder to benefit their wellbeing, an organic option is most likely healthier. If you’re considering using Pro 3+ Nutritional Powder to help supplement nutrition, speak to a doctor. They can guide you towards the best organic protein powders to benefit your body.

Try Pro 3+ Nutritional Powder Today

For a healthy, nutritious protein powder, try Pro 3+. ENU appreciates the importance of providing beneficial products to promote wellness and strength in our clients. Visit our website today to buy Pro 3+ Nutritional Powder.

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