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My 81 year old mom was ill for 3 months – she had swallowing issues and lost a lot of weight. This drink has probably saved her life. She's regained most of the weight.

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There are various factors that can impact our appetite. That is to say, the desire to eat food is not always constant. Appetites can range depending on health, age, and other considerations. 

So how can you support your body’s nutrition when you simply aren’t hungry enough to eat a traditionally balanced diet? The answer is in finding ways to deliver much-needed calories and nutrients without being forced to eat a meal when you’re not hungry. 

ENU Shakes and Pro3+ Nutritional Powder do just that. By providing a meal substitute, ENU has engineered a way to help people dealing with a loss of appetite while supporting healthy nutrition.

Whether it be from sickness, age, or other factors, ENU products are designed to mitigate the harmful effects of a lost appetite.

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Loss of Appetite is Sometimes More than Not Eating

Anyone can encounter a loss of appetite. When someone has a reduced appetite over a long period of time, it can lead to a host of physical effects.  Here are some common symptoms that might indicate that you have a loss of appetite (always consult your primary physician if you think you have any of these symptoms).


If you are constantly feeling tired, it might be because you are undereating and thereby not receiving sufficient calories. The energy produced from consuming calories is what powers us through the day.

Weakened Immune System

If you get sick often, it might be from nutrient deficiencies that weaken the immune system. In other words, you need a more balanced diet – something a loss of appetite impacts.

Hair Loss

An imbalance in necessary nutritional fatty acids, protein, and vitamins can lead to hair loss. Moreover, not eating enough food can actually change the color of your hair as well.

Altered Body Temperature

If you constantly feel cold, it might be due to a lack of caloric intake. That means your core body temperature could actually drop because of your loss of appetite.

Fortunately, if any of these symptoms are caused by loss of appetite, they are likely to disappear with proper nutrition. This is where ENU’s shakes and Pro3+ can help provide nutritional support for people with a loss of appetite. By using ENU’s products, you help to balancing out a calorie-deficient diet.

Nutritional Concerns for Loss of Appetite from Aging

It is often true that the older you get, the less hungry you may feel. Experts assert that loss of appetite is “common in older people.” It is estimated that 15 to 30% of all seniors will experience this phenomenon, scientifically referred to as anorexia (not to be confused with anorexia nervosa – an eating disorder).  The reasons for this are not entirely known, but there are some physiological factors that have been proven to contribute to the loss of appetite. An an example, it is estimated that 1/3 of all people over 65 experience reduced saliva production. Saliva is important for digesting and softening food, and the inability to soften solid food can lead to a loss of appetite. This loss of nutrients then fuels the loss of saliva further, and the result can lead to malnutrition.

Additionally, changes to the hormones that control appetite also occur. Hormones such as leptin and cholecystokinin, which suppress appetite, are often found at higher levels in older adults. Alternatively, ghrelin – a hormone that increases appetite – is found at much lower levels in the elderly. Moreover, as our senses of smell, taste, and vision gradually fade, the desire to consume food goes with them because foods may not be as alluring.

ENU Shakes and Pro3+ Support Nutrition for Those with Appetite Loss

As mentioned before, the key to not letting a loss of appetite impair your health is finding ways to consume the necessary nutrients to keep your body healthy. ENU produces several products that function as nutritional support for people with loss of appetite. ENU shakes and Pro3+ are specifically designed to be meal enhancers, amplifying the caloric content of small meals or snacks. Additionally, ENU products can also be full-blown meal replacements due to the dense caloric and nutritional value of each product.

For instance, cancer patients often find themselves without a strong appetite. Because of this, ENU serves a vital purpose of providing nutritional support by allowing patients to avoid large meals that may be tiresome to eat and drink a quick shake instead. ENU nutritional shakes contain 400 calories along with 20 grams of protein and 24 essential vitamins – all packed into an 8.5-ounce beverage. Pro3+ is just as effective at providing nutrients to people with a loss of appetite. Two scoops, just 8.6 grams, provide 35 calories and 4 grams of protein and can be enjoyed with any meal or beverage.

For older people, ENU provides a convenient way to get proper nutrition without having to digest a large meal. Being at risk for acute illnesses, seniors must ensure that their immune systems are strong and properly maintained. With tasteless, soluble powders and nutritional shakes, elderly people can get the vitamins and minerals that boost the immune system. Additionally, by using ENU products, underweight seniors can help raise their weight to recommended levels and increase their energy levels.

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