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Can Shakes Help You Gain Weight if You Are Underweight?

Being underweight can cause all sorts of health issues. Of course, regaining the weight you’ve lost isn’t always easy. Luckily, some shakes can add the necessary nutrients and calories into your diet to help you gain weight healthily.

Meal replacement shakes are often formulated to provide the right balance of nutrients to help underweight people regain weight. These shakes are fortified with significant amounts of protein, fats, and carbohydrates necessary to increase mass. Meal replacement shakes also have energy-dense calories that can contribute to healthy weight gain. Drinking one or two meal replacement shakes per day, in addition to an otherwise healthy diet, can promote weight gain in underweight people.

At ENU, we offer tools to help you regain weight if you’ve experienced significant weight loss. Our shakes can offer vital nutrients you might have been lacking that can spur weight gain. To learn more about ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight gain and purchase them for yourself, visit us online today.

Can Shakes Help Me Gain Weight if I Am Underweight?

If you’ve experienced significant weight loss, for whatever reason, regaining some weight can help you become healthier. Understandably, it can be difficult to regain a substantial amount of weight. When doing so, it’s important to emphasize health and not just focus on the number you see when you step on the scale. Healthy weight gain is accomplished by adding extra, energy-dense calories to your diet and focusing on macronutrients. Meal replacement shakes can help on that front.

Muscle-Building Protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients to add to your diet to help you regain lost weight. If you’re underweight, you may also have experienced significant muscle loss. As you regain weight, you can also regain your strength. Protein is food for your muscles to grow and is necessary to gain weight healthily. Meal replacement shakes often contain significant amounts of protein, but not all protein is the same.

Each protein substance has varying levels of effectiveness. For example, the 20 grams of whey protein in ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight gain have a high leucine content. Leucine is an essential amino acid that is necessary for protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is a crucial process for regaining muscle. So, adding protein and leucine into your diet can help you healthily regain weight.

Heart-Healthy Fats

Fats are one of those nutrients that can be hard to grasp. To many, the thought of fats is a negative one. However, heart-healthy fats are crucially important to a healthy diet and can help you regain lost weight. One of the three macronutrients, fats are essential for several bodily processes. If you are underweight, you may also be malnourished. The body cannot produce fatty acids by itself, so it must get them from food. If you are underweight, you may not have enough fatty acids in your diet. Reincorporating them into your meals can help your body start rebuilding from the inside out.

Healthy meal replacement shakes, like ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight gain, should contain the right balance of macronutrients, including fats. Coconut and sunflower oils are great sources of healthy fats. These oils contain medium-chain triglycerides that promote quick absorption. If you’re underweight because of a medical illness, like cystic fibrosis, which inhibits absorption, adding meal replacement shakes into your diet may help.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are the body’s primary source of energy. Carbs don’t cause weight gain alone but are often associated with high-calorie foods. The calories that come along with complex carbs are energy-dense. Keeping your energy up is essential as you gain weight.

If you have to gain weight because of an eating disorder, it can be very difficult to stay positive. Throughout treatment, eating foods that naturally give you energy can be helpful. Adding sufficient complex carbs to your diet can give you that much-needed boost of energy. Meal replacement shakes, like ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight gain, derive carbs from healthy sources like brown rice and quinoa. Instead of offering simple carbs that lack nutritional benefits, our meal replacement shakes can provide over 46 grams of complex carbohydrates per serving.

Energy-Dense Calories

The main factor in weight gain is added calories. If you’re underweight, it’s important to add healthy calories to your diet, not empty ones. After all, the goal isn’t just to increase your weight but to improve your wellness too. Not all calories are the same. Energy-dense calories come from foods that are high in protein, carbs, and fats. It’s important to know the difference between the good and bad kinds of calories.

Excessively consuming empty calories can cause a buildup of fatty deposits, and therefore unhealthy weight gain. While increasing your body’s fat percentage is important if you’re underweight, going too far can cause health issues. Adding the right type of calories to your diet is important. For example, ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight gain contain 400 calories per serving. These calories are energy-dense and derived from nutritional sources. Drinking meal replacement shakes can help you add calories to your diet to promote healthy weight gain.

How to Use Shakes to Help You Gain Weight if You Are Underweight

So, you can use shakes to help you gain weight if you’re underweight, but how should you implement them into your diet? Generally, adding 300 to 500 calories to your daily diet can cause healthy weight gain. Depending on your circumstances, you might need to consume more. Drinking one or two meal replacement shakes each day can help.

In this instance, you should use shakes to add to your existing diet, not to replace meals. In the case of underweight people, it’s not healthy to enter a calorie deficit. Only drinking meal replacement shakes might cause that.

If you’re unsure how to add meal replacement shakes to your diet, ask a medical professional. Your doctor can help you devise a schedule for drinking meal replacement shakes. Using these shakes in the right way can add much-needed nutrition into your diet can help you improve your weight and health.

ENU Nutritional Shakes Can Help You Gain Weight if You Are Underweight

Our meal replacement shakes are a great way to incorporate added nutrition into your diet to help you gain weight. Visit our website to buy ENU Nutritional Shakes for weight gain today.

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