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Are Any Meal Replacement Shakes Lactose Free?

Whether you were born with the condition or developed it later in life, lactose intolerance can be a real thorn in the side of anyone out shopping for a meal replacement shake – or a shake of any kind, for that matter. So many tasty and nutritious beverages are...

Do Any Nutrition Shakes Use Natural Ingredients?

As the use of processed and artificial foods has come under increased scrutiny, people have started to gravitate toward food products that emphasize natural ingredients over their less healthy brethren. Today, a wide variety of products advertise the use of natural...

What Can You Eat If You Don’t Have an Appetite During Chemo?

Finding ways to maintain a healthy weight during chemotherapy is one of the greatest challenges these patients face, not least because of all the side effects chemo can inflict on people. From nausea and diarrhea to the mouth sores and taste changes, it can seem like...

Important Nutritional Information in Weight Gain Shakes for Women

Though there are plenty of shakes for weight management on the market today, most of these are aimed at helping people, especially women, lose weight – one symptom of a society valuing unnaturally thin bodies, often at the expense of women’s health. In...

Important Nutritional Information in Weight Gain Shakes for Men

While gaining weight is often the opposite goal of people on a specific diet, there are plenty of circumstances in which a man may want to put on a few pounds. Weight gain shakes for men can provide a powerful, convenient method of gaining weight in a healthy,...

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